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Among Us Mod APK game is about being in any of the two teams and full fill their objectives. Win the game by launching the space ship.
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App name Among Us
Current Version 2021.12.15
Requires Android 6.0 and up
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Rating 3.8
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Among Us Mod APK has gained much popularity and is a hot trending game played online. It is an interesting multiplayer role-playing action game. Here, the game takes place in outer space on a spaceship. There are two team-ups in this game one is the imposters and the other is the crewmates. You can have players ten in total, with three impostors. Both the teams are given their objectives to begin the game in an appropriate way. The imposters’ objectives are sabotaging and infiltrating the spaceship where they can destroy, cause disorder and detachments in the ship and even kill people. Whereas, the crewmate’s objective is to find out everyone’s identity and complete all the given tasks.

Among us mod apl

You will find out about the imposters in the play; as one of the crew will be secretly given the task of being an imposter. The basic trick to win like the Frag Pro Shooter Mod APK game is before the imposters find you, other players need to search for imposters and vote them out. Once you discover the traitor and throw them away in space, you can launch the spaceship for departure.

Among Us Mod APK Gameplay

Among Us, demand from its players’ strategic plan and presence of mind for winning. The players can participate either in any of the two teams of imposters or crewmates. Also, there are adorable-looking graphics and the players should play friendly so as to communicate with each other. This game is very easy and captive to understand. Players of all ages can relish playing this game.

In the gameplay, there is nothing more to define, except play smartly, find the traitors and escape from being killed. In addition, if you have got a group of friends, which increases the point of interest and hours of fun. Besides, the game has got many unique maps which make the gameplay super cool.

Among Us Mod APK Features

Among Us, is a cross-platform game that can be played on Windows, Android, and iOS devices Like Pubg Mobile Mod APK Game. It can be played by all ages and is an entertaining social game, here; you can connect with your friends and have a fun time together.

Among us mod apk features

Account mode

This game lets you play by creating an account where you can invite your friends and add them to your friend list so as to seek more pleasure and communicate with each other. 

Multiplayer Game

It is a web-based game; without a doubt, you can not avoid the coordinates with your companions or different players. You can join or make coordinate with a number of players from 4 – to 15 individuals relying upon your inclination. As referenced above, making room likewise should be painstakingly considered to stay away from contention in the number and strength of one side. Simultaneously, the quantity of shadings and frills that you find in the game is likewise interesting and assists you with customizing your personality.

Invigorating LEVELS with free skins

Whenever you need to make a game screen, you will be keen on many elements. An element that you should consider is the players’ number, the Impostor’s number, whether the foe’s character is uncovered when they are tossed into space and the length of the expertise. Unequivocally, these variables will frequently decide the test of the ongoing interaction of this game that you should go through. From that point, prior to beginning the game, you should talk with the host to appropriately change them.

Crewmates should take out every one of the Impostors on the boat with the enlightenment they gather the game. Simultaneously, on the off chance that Crewmate is brought down to a similar number as Impostor, the triumph will without a doubt lean toward the executioners in this game. So this is charming interactivity.

Basic controls

Most importantly, Android gamers in Among Us will end up partaking in the basic and open control choices, making it much more straightforward for them to partake in the game. 

Different MAPS

Be that as it may, all guides share one thing practically speaking, a crewmate ID and global positioning framework.

Mod Menu

Among Us, Mod Menu is a hackable Version of the game. In it, you’ll have the option to get to an assortment of mod choices that are accessible for download. Recognizing the phony of your group members is conceivable.

Features Among us Mod Hack

No Kill Cooldown is available

Yes, the Kill Cooldown highlight has been eliminated from the Among us mod hack apk and shooter which empowers us to expand our number of kills.

Phantoms are apparent

Recollect everything we said to you about the Ghosts? Indeed, they are noticeable in the mod apk variant of Among Us. They can’t stow away from us. Moreover, you additionally have the force of watching the visits.

Unique maps

among us has got three amazing maps to explore. You as a member of any team can complete the objective-based tasks and enter the maps.                                                                      

Among Us Mod APK Customizing characters

the game has access to this super cool feature in which you can customize the skins, colors, hats, and pets. Simply add on changes to enhance the look of your character and play well.

Innovative tasks

either you can be a crewmate or an imposter; win the game with success by completing each task to build your spacecraft and launch it.                                                                                 


great graphics with high-quality backgrounds. Graphics are set so coolly that the tiny cute looking astronauts feel you engaged in the game.  

Frequent Discussions

Immediately contact your other members when dead bodies begin to show up and ensure to discover who the imposters are within no time. Being said that, meetings can be managed by noticing any suspicious activities of other players.   

New game modes

Among us never makes its users feel boredom and try to feel always new and fresh. Hide and seek is one such mode where it is all about who hides better. This mode has created an easy and more engaging concept.               

Custom skins

Among us currently features fifteen collectible & unique custom skins.  

Among Us Mod APK free download

Among us mod apk hack

You can simply install this amazing and up-rated game. Among us, download is all free for the players and can get simply from the link given below.

Mod features

Among Us, mod apk provides you with its modded features, in which you get unlocked everything. The Modded APK version gives you complete access to unlocked pets, hats, skins, and unlimited money. Also, the game will be add-free which can be played with ease.

Among Us Mod APK

For mobile-On Android and iOS mobile devices tools and modded apk files with iOS app mods are at their extreme when it comes to Among Us mobile. While in general, getting that works for mobile will become harder significantly than that compared to PC. As some of the cheats may require a rooted android or jailbroken IOS device and in some cases, you may not require any root or jailbreak for devices.

 For PC- The simple fact is that most mods are made on PC and for PC. So, for players who want to install Among Us’ mod for 100 persons, or who wish to set different variations by adding the vigilante role, they’ll need a PC for that.  

For IOS- you can download Among Us mod game on IOS if you jailbreak your apple device like having in-app purchases, download and mod them.


How to install Among Us MODs? 

Download and unzip the mod. Go to the Among Us install directory. Drop all files from the zip folder into Among Us directory. Run the game and wait for the mod to start this may take a few minutes and the name of the mod will be displayed on your screen.   

Is Among Us free on PC?

Among Us, one of the most well-known multiplayer rounds of 2022, is currently accessible for nothing on the Epic Games Store. The game acquired tremendous prominence during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Is Among Us game safe for kids?

Should kids play Among Us? Among Us is a drawing-in and social game, and it tends to be a great way for youngsters to interface with companions. The Apple Store recommends Among Us is fitting for youngsters matured nine and up, due to rare silly savagery and loathsomeness subjects.



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