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App name Anger Of Stick 5
Current Version 1.1.69
Requires Android 4.4 and up
2 day ago
Rating 4.3
Rating Count 134164
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There are millions of games of this genre that have almost more than millions of downloads on the player’s devices. This game Anger of stick 5 mod apk is a sequel of action and has got an interesting storyline. The developer J.Park has brought you an extension in this game where you and everyone together hack, shoot, and destroy away everything that comes in their way. And the story of this game is a grand clash between zombies and heroes. You and your team are the ones to save and fight the hordes of zombies. The realistic graphics give you the best ever gaming experiences and are free of boredom mode. These zombies roam out as blood-thirsty bodies everywhere Justin order to turn everyone like them and make sure to keep no trace of humanity.  

But, the heroes of this game are responsible for the life validity of the human population. To keep everyone out of danger and protected, you are provided with a huge arsenal of weapons and 125 guns that are unique and powerful. For amazing and thrilling experiences, anyone can download this game and surprisingly have full enjoyment of killing time.

anger of stick 5 mod apk game zombie

Anger of stick 5 mod apk Gameplay

This game plans for you an action-filled journey where you and your team are the savers of humanity from the evil zombie catastrophe. Plan well about your strategic moves against the evil zombies and do everything to stand in power. Use the given on-screen controls such as function keys and joystick, to control moving, defensive or offensive characters. You will be having special crafted dual modes in the game, single-player and zombie modes and blockman go mod apk.

In single-player mode, an individual gathers their troops and prepares for the war. However, in zombie mode, the players have to shoot down as many zombies as possible in the allotted time frame. Your basic aim is to protect humanity from being extinct and show your abilities plus powers to destroy evil enemies. Weapons can be used to kill enemies and search for allies from which you will find six allies and three of them to support you simultaneously.

Anger of stick 5 mod apk Features

Diversity in game modes

Many challenging levels are lined up for the players. There are up to 60 levels with ascending difficulties to delight your mind-thinking abilities and shooting skills. You also have got many modes, simply the one is to fight and pass on to next level but moreover many modes that can players try such as the survival mode, zombie mode and more of them.                                                             

Huge weapon system

The game has got a variety of different and powerful equipment. As the levels of difficulty increase, the game becomes more challenging and the weapons need to be upgraded. On passing each level, you will get money as a reward which can be used for the upgrading of the weapons.


Simple yet intuitive graphics, which are clumsy on the other hand, and the funny sticky figure perform awesome attacks out there. Feel free to control your sticky hero to unleash shots against the enemies.                                                                                                                                                                              

Unlock able social group

anger of stick 5 mod apk game gameplay

Moreover, the game includes 6+ unlock-able social groups for the players and have an amazing time.                                                                                                                                                            

Anger of stick 5 mod apk Characters uniqueness

Every character placed in the game is quite unique and a source of entertainment. Describes the abilities and strengths that it owns which make them different from each other. 

Exciting RPG elements

Here, players can have all the characters leveled up using the collected EXP on completing levels and defeating the zombies. New characters bring up new skills and abilities, which are also applicable to their fellow fighters and they can also have their upgrades.                                                        

Pick up events and achievements to complete

The game also features a variety of different events and achievements to complete for gamers. Take awesome challenges and win against the enemies for amazing rewards that can be found anywhere else.                                                                                                   

Anger of stick 5 mod apk Free to play

Anger of Stick 5 is completely free for the players to play. All Android gamers can freely enjoy and download this game for free.

Unlimited money and ammo

You will have unlimited money for buying unlimited resources which will help you to progress in the game and upgrade your weapons. Also, you can use enough ammo which modifies your weapons and armors for better experiences. These mod features help you to play the game with ease and non-stop.

Unlimited gems and gold

In this mod feature, players can use as many gold and gems in the game. Gold can be used to buy many things from the in-game store and gems are used for upgrading many things such as character and weapons.   

anger of stick 5 mod apk game Unlimited money

Anger of stick 5 mod apk Mod menu

This mod menu feature provides you with everything unlocked and unlimited for its players. Here, you can have all characters unlocked, all weapons unlocked, and unlimited money, gold, gems, and ammo.

Personal review

I really loved the game. The features are amazing and quite impressive. A clean and easy-to-navigate space, lots of goodies, and prizes. Gameplay that keeps you giving rewards often, and rarely if ever frustrates. The game is free to play and has got no ads, and no technical errors. But the stick figures with weapons are SO HARD TO BEAT and the zombies too. I like the weapon system that is unique in its way than any other shooter game.


Q1} Is it safe to download this game?

Ans: Yes, the game is absolutely safe to play and also for downloading. You will not receive any security warnings as well as, no worries about viruses and hacking of your phone.

Q2} What is the age limit for this game?  

Ans: Since it is a shooting game so it can be played for 14+ ages with parental advice.

Q3} Who is the developer of this game? 

Ans: The developer of this game is J. PARK, who has introduced to this amazing game which has got some unique features and sticky funny character.

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