Angry Birds Friends Mod APK (Unlimited Gems/Black Pearls) For Android


In Angry Birds Friends Mod APK game, it is very interesting journey for all the gamers who play the game to attack building and pigs and destroy them.
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The most exciting and delicious game in the gaming market is called Angry Birds Friends Mod APK game. The world’s largest gaming brand, known as ROVIO Entertainment, is a large Fun land company that produces a variety of games. The fun Land company introduced the most beloved and masterpiece game Angry Birds game. An Angry Birds movie was introduced in which birds and other pigs fight each other. The first game introduced is called Angry Birds 1. Similarly, after a huge increase in downloads of Angry Birds, the developer of the game introduced great versions of Angry Birds in various series.

These include Angry Birds, Angry Birds 2, Angry Birds Explore, Angry Birds AR, Angry Birds Dreams, and Angry Birds Evolutions. The easiest and most simple download game from all the series of games is Angry Birds Friends Mod APK. There are a lot of gifts for the gamers not to open more than the interface of the finger game. And download this game for free to play and cross your destination by hitting your slingshot.

Angry Birds Friends Mod APK
Angry Birds Friends Mod APK

Angry Birds Friends Mod APK Gameplay

In the gameplay, Android gamers are given big threads that put different birds in their slingshot and throw them on the different buildings. And when those buildings collapse, you get points and other things. At every level, you have to aim at these buildings. In the same way, the level of the game is further increased every week to get an excellent game will give you a chance to make more scores with your friends. It is definitely going to be a very interesting journey for you. At each level of the game, you find a variety of birds that you will be able to make a lot of money after upgrading.

Angry Birds Friends Mod APK Features

Angry birds friends mod apk offline

The whole series of the game has been kept completely offline. The developers think that this game can be used by all the gamers offline because the gamers can be in any corner of the world without internet and data connection.

Newest Tournaments and challenges

After the start of the game, you are introduced to the amazing results of the game in the version which consists of 8 to 12 different sessions and up to 300 challenges in the game. If you can’t just know about the missions of the game so don’t worry there are prize tournaments held here every week. And so the game starts every week with 24 new episodes built on a new level of the series.

Angry birds friends mod apk download for android

Get the golden opportunity to fight against different pigs, you can download this game from any favorite source as full details are given on our website. At one level of the game, various Angry Birds have international challenges. You use your power by accepting these challenges. This is how you are awarded the Star Cup. As soon as you get a Star Cup, you become the biggest player in this game.

Angry Birds Friends Mod APK
Angry Birds Friends Mod APK

Angry birds friends mod apk for PC

yes, just like Android games, you can easily download this game to your PC. You don’t need any simulator or any software after downloading. You can start it yourself after install in your PC. There oi no obstacles in this game while playing.

Unlimited gems and Coins/Everything

The biggest feature of the Angry Birds Friends Mod APK game is that gives you access to free shopping which is why there are so many downloaders of this game. People don’t like to play online for fear of online payments so you can save a lot of money and coins through the birds. When this money and coins you can make as many power-up points games. As you like Wingman, BoomBox, Birdquake, Kingsling, and many others.

Unlock the shop menu and black pearls

There is a lot of changes in the game for unlocked shopping of Angry Birds friends Mod APK in which you can unlock everything at the appropriate level. After playing the game you are provided different sessions to cross all these levels. Then you will also get a lot of black pearls and jewels. With the black pearls, you can name every powerful player like Wishbone and the golden slingshots.

Upgrade All Birds

Countless diamonds, gems, and money are placed on all levels of the game. As you progress in the game you are able to upgrade all the features of the Angry Birds Friends Mod APK game with these black pearls and money. Occupy and become your best players of the game.


While playing the Angry Birds Friends Mod APK game online, a lot of ads come up which causes a lot of trouble. That is why the game should be played offline. This adds also prevents upgrade points. But now this game has been completely upgraded the thing is that you just download this game. And enjoy this game and get the twist of the angry birds without sophistication ads.

Angry Birds Friends Mod APK
Angry Birds Friends Mod APK

Personal Review

I got the full experience of this game after installing the game. As I threw my bird’s different buildings with my slingshot and got the reward scheme named after me. People who are tired of playing online games because there is a lot of hassle while playing online games. In the same way, I made a lot of money and black pearls in this game and through them, I upgraded all my Angry Birds Friends. I have played all the series of the game but I really like this session of Angry Birds Friends Mod APK game. Which I play a lot in my spare time with offline mode.


Yes, that’s right you can now become known as a lord of the rings. Similarly, how many Angry Birds are in the game and how to play them, have been mentioned in our article. Feel free to contact us if you need information about any of the references.


Can Angry Birds Friends be played with friends?

Yes, you can of course you can hold competitions with your friends around the world after downloading this game. Play the way Angry birds, original birds, classic birds, flinging, tower-crumbling and pig-popping, are strong enough in the tournaments.

Can you play Angry Birds Friends Mod APK without Facebook?

Angry Birds Friends was first placed on the Google Play Store for IOS and Android. At the same time, it was made quite dynamic to achieve the basic goals and in a special way you now participate in the week by logging the game without Facebook. Participate in tournaments that take place and do not need permission from Facebook.


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