Cover Fire Mod APK (Unlimited Money) For Android


App Name Cover Fire APK
Size 47M
Current Version
Requires Android 6.0 and up
2 Days Ago
Rating 4.5
Get it on Google Play Store
Price Free

Cover Fire Mod APK is loaded with amusement. It is a present for individuals who have an incredible love for an epic shooter game. This game offers the best shooter experience with its sensible illustrations and intriguing modes. In this game, you will wind up investigating the dull universe of highlights. In which you are caught by TERRACORP-he slaved all mankind.

Cover Fire Mod APK Complete Guide

Under the place of war, the conditions are more awful step by step, various illnesses are breaking out. Individuals experience no harmony by any means. It’s not possible for anyone to oppose, due to the solid strain of the adversaries. Being a skilled and mindful trooper, you need to enter a progression of epic shooter challenges. Through solid assurance and a spotlight on the mission, you can succeed. Mankind can’t get by under such a suppressive and brutal framework, so you must be a directing light for them. You are a solitary expect them.

List Of Chapters

Cover Fire Mod APK

Cover Fire Mod APK Features

Available Control

You will wind up approaching the simplest touch control. You are given the instinctive guidelines and instructional exercises that give you the way and certainty to handily go into the shooting experience. What’s more, you can wind up having a good time as you are dependent on playing shooting match-ups. Partake in the novel ongoing interaction of versatile shooter and bring down your adversaries.

Wonderful technique

The game has become more fascinating while you are getting to the exemplary FPS shooter experience. The game offers you marvelous strategic shooter ongoing interaction for you to partake in the battle. It is workable for you to control the crew of proficient fighters through your experience. You can be their chief to control them and connect with them in the act of epic hitter against your rivals. Settle on your choice admirably, remembering the outcome of each arranging and system. Make a group with competent powers and capacities to effectively manage your adversaries. Challenge your rivals in an astounding shooter mission like Real Steel World Robot boxing Mod APK and let them down.

limitless everything

Admittance to the enormous weapons store.
You can overcome your foe with the utilization of numerous exceptional weapons. Weapons have extraordinary importance in any fight on the grounds that without them you can’t envision any fight. You get the opportunity here to get various protective layers from the stockpile as indicated by the need for time. Takedown your foes with a wide range of weapons. Sensible control of mechanics will make your shooter experience greater, one of a kind, and reasonable. Investigate noteworthy in-game activity and substantiate yourself battling as a genuine cutting-edge order.

Destructible Environment

This game has an assortment of great activities, particularly its destructible climate draws in the players. You can choose any one stage to safeguard yourself from adversaries. Furthermore, you can overcome your adversary’s foe with your strong procedure. You can annihilate even their dividers, and blockade them with your explosives. The intriguing climate makes your epic shooter experience like Mutant Fighting Cup 2 Mod APK more great and novel.

For Nothing

Cover Fire Mod APK is liberated from cost despite the fact that it has astounding in-game elements. Android gamers can partake in this tomfoolery and positive game for very free. You can without much of a stretch introduce and download this game from the google play store.

Designs and Sound


Cover Fire Mod APK has dazzling designs and sound. It has vivid clear lines of sight and solid impacts. This game has an invigorating in-game visual too energizing in-game sound that would charm you to the astonishing shooter experience. Everything in this game is point by point and sublime.


The combat zone engineer and plan by the designer are magnificent and amazing. You feel choked as you are in a genuine combat zone. The battling style and slugs give an amazing adorableness and fill the core of the player with energy.

Mod Features

Opening VIP 5percent your various advantages as.

Improve 20% gold
Energy: 15
Tickets: 8
Number of players: 4
cover fire mod
Limitless Money
You can buy characters and weapons with cash. Gold is viewed as the top-notch cash for the game with boundless cash. You can undoubtedly purchase everything, and update the weapons.

Cover Fire Mod APK


Is it allowed to play?

Indeed, it is allowed to charge. You can download it from the google play store

Would I be able to play this game disconnected?

Indeed, you can play this game disconnected, you can play it whenever anyplace.

Would I be able to partake in the intriguing web-based competitions?

Indeed, you can partake in internet game encounters. You are allowed to challenge your companions as you continue.


This game offers you the shooter experience of shot power and current operations. It gives you the inclination that you are battling in a genuine fight. In general, it has excellent designs and alluring ongoing interaction. Simply go to the download interface and download the game, and appreciate it with extraordinary excitement. The game won’t frustrate you.

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