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App name Dead Target
Current Version 4.77.0
Requires Android 5.0 and up
1 day ago
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There are several games where you need to target the enemies and shot them dead. But, it is an old kind of amusement which people usually enjoy. VNG GAME STUDIOS released the game Dead Target Mod APK which is not only a target or shot game but has got many twists. In this game, the player is surrounded all around by zombies and the player has to shoot all of them therefore to rescue himself. This is the most popular game; you will play it in the year 2040 when zombies have infested the world. You can arm a wide variety of arsenal weapons like handguns, rifles, shotguns, machine guns, and much more.

The game sets the pictorial in the year 2040, World War III, during which biological weapons were used. As a result of this action, the population of humans without noticing turned into zombies. In this game, you need to present the role of the most courageous individual, who has to save the world from the forthcoming disaster and extermination of zombies from the globe. You have to fight to survive the diamond in this game, you can use diamond mythic or legendary skins and guns. And can use gold as cash to unlock, upgrade and customize guns and skins too.

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Dead Target Mod APK Gameplay

DEAD TARGET MOD APK is a zombie shooting game that has gained much popularity in a short time period. It becomes more exciting when you are all free to kill as many zombies in the game. In dead target, you become the only hope of mankind and to save them from the zombie cataclysmic outbreak. The gamepad has got all the function keys that guide you on how to play the game. On the game pod, the reload button, then the shoot button, and lastly the change gun button appears on the right side of the screen. Whereas, the drag button to the aim area is on the left side of the game pod display screen.

Here, you are having access to fight against the herd of zombies in unlimited locations like Knife Hit Mod APK. You will meet zombies of many different categories ranging from normal to boss zombies after every level. In addition to this, some of them are mobster zombies, female zombies, from zombies (normal), and those coming in the boss category are hulk zombies and Santa zombies. So, fight endlessly and win each mission to protect humanity from extinction.

Dead Target Mod APK Features

  • The battle between you and the zombie is widely spread on the map.                                                       
  • Dead target is easily compatible with Android devices and iOS.                                                                              
  • On leveling up each mission, different and scary zombies with unique powers will test your capabilities.                                                                                                                                                                            
  • Gamers are provided with multiple buffs so pick up something that could improve your competencies, as simple as enhancing your damages, accuracy, and firing level.                                                                          
  • You need to take on multiple challenging missions and shot zombies dead so that you win rewards.
  • The leaderboard keeps you updated with the stats so you can compete even much better than before.    
  • Players can simply enjoy the game without an internet connection.                                                                   
  • Maps with different locations are widely spread with unique gameplay.                                                  
  • You can challenge players from all over the world in intense leaderboard shooter matches.

Amazing 3D designs

Dead Target’s illustrations were created in view of the Unity Engine 4.0 stage, furnishing dazzling picture quality with an astounding point of interest. Additionally, music and sound assist the game by turning out to be more alluring and sensational.


Joined with the strong and significant shooting impacts, Dead Target acquaints gamers with one of the most vivid shooting match-ups that are consistently present on the portable stage.


You can likewise contend in the leaderboards today as you battle a lot of zombies. Battle against a lot of zombies and hotshot your crazy abilities now to the world. Go ahead and climb the leaderboards and score however many focuses as you can per level today.

helps that can totally change

Alongside strong weapons, gamers are additionally acquainted with different buffs in the game that could truly work on your abilities. Get from something as basic as to improve your harm, your precision, or your terminating rate, to astounding lifts that might actually change the tide of the fight, particularly while you’re battling close by your colleagues.

Acquire wonderful prizes

To gather the valuable and astounding things in the game, players in Dead Target can partake in habit-forming journeys. Get your #1 weapons and take on amazing difficulties. Takedown different beasts to acquire encounters as well as increment your position. Open cool things and weapons so you can progress in your excursion. Additionally, the game highlights probably the strangest and most intriguing accomplishments that you can finish to acquire yourself epic plunders.

A lot of levels and areas

There are countless levels and regions that you can appreciate in this game. In spite of the fact that you can’t move from your site as you need, you’re ready to glance around and battle a lot of zombies in here.

There are so many astonishing battles that can be guaranteed while you’re playing this game. Partake in the serious fights at the metros, streets, scaffolds, and a lot of areas today.

Allowed to play

And keeping in mind that it accompanies in-application buys, you will not prone to observe them irritating assuming you’re sufficiently committed. With different prices, you’ll wind up matching the paid gamers equally.

Personal Review

The game has got far-reaching gameplay and interesting features. This is the best gaming app out on the market, with the best response time for reactions to targets in the game. Leveling up is easy for a lifetime gamer just jumping in. Online opportunities give any a chance to rack up extras and raise ranks fast. You don’t really need to pay for features unless you desperately need to upgrade to start another level. So download now. It feels just like a console game and puts you right into gamer mode. Good tidings and GAME ON!! 


Q) Can we play this game on PC? 

Ans: The game is actually designed for both Android and iOS devices. But even after you wish to play it on your laptop or PC, it will require a good Android emulator so that you can enjoy it in your big screen.

Q) Which are the best weapons in dead target game?  

Ans: A number of powerful weapons are available in this diverse game. Some of them are Benelli M4, AK-47, M4A1 and  M134 Minigun.

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