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Evil Nun Mod APK: Horror at School – a faction awfulness game from Keplerians Horror Games with test story-driven narrating, a to some degree open world, and significant difficulties worked around observing reality at an unwanted day camp. Among the covered beds, instructive structures darkened from advanced age and clinical focuses changed over into facilities for mental cases, the hero should get by, confronting the obscure, gathering dispersed objects, and cautiously traveling through thistles to the stars. Ahead – a huge number of secrets and secrets conflicts with nearby inhabitants and a battle forever. What’s more, that implies now is the ideal time to strain your minds and spotlight on tracking down reality!

Evil Nun Mod APK (Unlimited Money, No Ads) is an awfulness game for a portable that was propelled by Valak from The Conjuring. Once more, the insidious devil, who accepts the type of a religious woman, gets back to cause fear and fanatical bad dreams in the personalities of watchers. It would this time be in the space of computer games.

While getting the person picture from The Nun, this game has comparative interactivity to some past frightfulness games, expecting Granny or Five Nights at Freddy’s. Abhorrent Nun will permit you to change into a kid held hostage by a distraught religious recluse. You should find an exit from her school before she does anything insane to you. You will actually want to utilize your apprehension with the armed heist mod apk game, invigorated insight, and boldness to defeat the game.

Evil Nun Mod APK


While getting the person picture from The Nun, this game has comparative interactivity to some past loathsomeness games, accepting Granny or Five Nights at Freddy’s. In Evil Nun, you will change into a kid who is being held hostage by an insane religious recluse. Your errand is to figure out how to escape from her school rapidly before she does insane things to you. The game will give you the distressing, anxious, animating knowledge and your mental fortitude.

Satan has an incredibly alarming capacity, she can hear each sound in the school. Regardless of whether it was only a key, a book that was dropped could grab her eye and she would go to where the sound was coming from. On the off chance that she figures out you are not in the room … Bump! A demolition hammer will beat straightforwardly on your head. Each time identified you should hold on until the following day of the week to proceed with your break plan. Under tables, file organizers … are ideal spots to stow away from her. Whenever made up for a lost time to the seventh time, you will be rebuffed by the pious devotee in the method of Satan.

How to Play Evil Nun?

The Nun is a blood and gore movie that is blending the Vietnamese film industry, consistently breaking numerous deals records in its initial days. The film is about Satan Valak in the appearance of a cloister adherent, making a ton of dread for watchers. Insidious Nun is a ghastliness game fabricated in light of this sister character. Nonetheless, the ongoing interaction of the game doesn’t follow the account of the film yet is very like the game’s Granny.

In this jungle gym, you lose all sense of direction in a spooky school, where the cloister adherent is watching. At the present time, escape from this school before she gets found and arrangements a lethal blow. Be that as it may, the run was hard. Join the game, you play in the primary viewpoint incredibly genuine. Very smooth game controls assist players with moving effectively, particularly running quickly while confronting detestable nuns.

Keep in mind, the religious recluse has exceptionally hearing ears and can hear all the commotion even the smallest. Be mindful so as not to stand out or involve this as an interruption. Utilize under work areas, file organizers to stow away, and try not to be found by nuns. Figure out how to take off from school by settling riddles and journeys. Scan the drawers for the things to help you in getting away. The school is incredibly enormous with numerous ways, niches, and spaces for you to investigate. On the off chance that you are searching for a game to challenge your boldness level, download and play the game Evil Nun with the expectation of complimentary at this point. The excursion out of this spooky school is brimming with dread and will alarm you, raising the hair on the rear of the neck ordinarily.

Evil Nun Mod APK Features


Insidious Nun carries you painstakingly planned illustrations with various natural components. One might say that players will go to a spot with many parts and invest energy in encountering it. Additionally, at times, you can interface with explicit things to figure out how to satisfy the game’s objective. In addition, they likewise own shadings that bring remarkable and frightening sentiments. The climate in the game has a remarkable and strong personality of a game title. The shade of the game brings the vast majority of the loathsomeness and despair to players. And players will actually want to encounter it. Likewise, now and again, players will have shocks at specific alarming scenes that they will for sure figure out how to survive. 

While additionally giving the impression of this game. evil-cloister adherent 1 When you experience a game. The above things will come to you straightforwardly through the primary individual. You are just about a piece of this game’s reality with split moves that players can step by step get to know. You will encounter various components all the more sincerely with this viewpoint. Particularly while confronting the terrifying cloister adherent in this game. So the terrifying inclination turns out to be more genuine than any other time in recent memory.


Insidious Nun happens in a school where alarming things are occurring. The homeroom regions are deserted, and some are totally jumbled. At the same time, while you are playing the game, you will feel a chill while confronting the religious woman in this game. With an absolutely strange look and face, she offers an alarming encounter and inspires the player now and again. Additionally, her mystery was bit by bit uncovered.

Evil Nun Mod APK

Generally speaking Assessments

After the progress of Satan in 2 theaters. It is unquestionable, and Valak’s picture is much more effective when it turns into a fever in the modestly rough, frightful game called Evil Nun. Here, gamers will be changed into a kid secured in the house with an insane, savage religious woman. Your assignment is to find an exit from that spooky place without being beaten by Valak. It is really beating since she holds an enormous demo hammer.

There isn’t a lot to say about the illustrations since we don’t misjudge Evil Nun as far as the person’s picture and the scene. Illustrations are not the strength that the designer is holding back nothing. The need to feature is only the interactivity of a ghastliness game with puzzle-style and savagery.

Different trouble and phantom mode

Assuming you have beaten the test of getting away interestingly. Don’t sleep in on the triumph, Evil Nun has 3 distinct degrees of trouble! An elevated degree of trouble implies that the pious devotee will move all the more rapidly. Perhaps you can undoubtedly defeat the simple level yet definitely. You will in any case need to perspire while making a solid attempt mode.

Designs and sound

Underhanded Nun doesn’t have a huge illustration stage and isn’t valued in such a manner. Be that as it may. The straightforward picture blended in with awfulness and ridiculous is all that anyone could need to cause the player to need to chill. The Design of this game is very comfortable.

The principal view is brimming with reasonable yet dreadful in addition to creepy sound, tormenting players all through the game will be an incredible benefit of this game.


Join the day camp from a mysterious greeting, coincidentally become involved with a school loaded with school secrets and the shrewd plot of Sister Madeline.

The fundamental errand is to track down ways of passing on this spot and return to an existence of opportunity and light.

Settle many inquiries to have the option to push ahead against the encompassing foes. And right away arrive at the leave entryway.

Reveal the very secret secrets of the pantry, one of the two most troublesome stages you should survive.

Hindrance or help from another person has recently shown up; the secretive kid with blue hands will assist you with finishing the game.

Pantry with abnormal mysteries

The main concern for those secured in this school is to get out straight away. There’s something else to it besides what might be expected under the clothing region. Is it true that you are searching for a method for getting away from this spot, or is it a spooky burial ground? Prior to taking off from this spot, remember to find every one of the secrets in the game.

Phantom mode and different trouble levels

Assuming you have conquered the test of getting away interestingly. Don’t sleep in on the triumph, Evil Nun has 3 distinct degrees of trouble! Higher trouble levels imply that the cloister adherent will move a lot quicker. You could possibly conquer the simple level. However, you’ll in any case have to perspire when you attempt the troublesome mode.

Evil Nun Mod APK

Phantom Mode, is an extraordinary mode that is accessible to people who would rather not be thumped consistently. Or simply need to investigate the mysteries behind the school, is another choice. Apparition Mode is a state where players can’t see her. However, they can in any case move openly and tackle puzzles without stressing over being found. Once in a while, it is a seriously new encounter to see her face.

Download Evil Nun MOD APK for Android

After many updates, the Evil Nun storyline has at long last been finished. From this point forward players can investigate the plot completely without sitting tight for refreshes from the maker. In the event that you are searching for loathsomeness. A brutal game that additionally requires thinking and knowledge, this is an incredible decision. Yet, on the off chance that you’re at home alone at 12 PM. This game may be an exceptionally terrible decision!


What is the name of the Evil Nun?

The Nun (or known by her name Sister Madeline) is the nominal fundamental enemy of the Evil Nun series and the general bad guy of the Ice Scream series.

When was the evil nun made?

Detestable Nun: Horror in the School, formerly known as Evil Nun and Evil Nun. The Horror’s Creed is an independent repulsiveness versatile videogame created by Keplerians Team supplanting The Nun game. It was delivered on August 12, 2018, for Android and iOS gadgets.

What does Evil Nun mean?

Abhorrent Nun (Sister Madeline) is the principal bad guy in the game. Her job is to search out the players and they have 5 days to get away from the school, expecting them to address different riddles utilizing various things.

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