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Geometry Dash APK is 2D neon type game which plays a vital role. Download and install the game. There are unlimited money and gems.
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Geometry Dash APK, is a 2D neon-type game that plays a very good role. At every level, each game has its own identity, just as this game has its own identity. This is a great game for jumping mountains and overcoming other obstacles with enthusiasm. We have to make a great leap before going to the end line. Like any game, you can play the game with your friends. The game is based on arcade mode, where millions of players play the game on this platform. There are 22 levels available in many categories. The name of the levels is called on track, dry out, and Stereo Madness.

geometry dash mod apk

The geometry dash game grows up their levels, the more fun the music level is Rodeo Stampede mod apk game. The most-watched thing in the game is why a ball and a UFO all come together and how it is played very well. Geometry dash has crossed the level of over fifty million which people consider the best way to play online. If you want to play this game as a practice, there are a lot of fasts as practice. This will enhance your experience and you will be able to play this game better. Mod version has a kit where that supplies a wide range of customizing.

Gameplay Geometry Dash APK

When people download it, they think it’s easy to play, but when they play from there, they run into challenges. Geometry dash mod version of the game in which people are tested. The speed of the game in the first level keeps the player spinning. There are also obstacles in the game to make it attractive. The first hurdle is that there is no place to hide. And the seconds is when you die in front of Mario, the game takes you to the first stage. Many people reach 90 percent of the game, but with a bit of a thorn, they go home in front of the heavenly gates.

Features Of Geometry Dash APK

geometry dash mod APK features


You will encounter obstacles while playing the game. There are also hurdles in the mod version test that we have to face. Obstacles include a giant pillar and a blast area. It is impossible for you to survive in these areas and in front of this pillar.

Graphics and Sounds

Along with the gameplay level at the geometry, the graphics are also amazing and good. The game’s graphics are fully set in full HD mode.

The music is set to such an extent that when you grab a diamond, a unique sound is produced. You need to create a beat for your playing style. It is important for Rob Tob to how to remove obstacles and arrange them with the bass melody.

Ignore Every Coin

Coin collectors will never catch a coin in this game. There are some coins that are totally simple. Catching these coins can lower your level.

Geometry dash

Start your game with a hop happy icon because this is quality to cheats of the game. It is used so that we can go to the top level in one fell swoop. Hurrying to jump can cause you damage and you have to restart the game. At different points, you will enter the red zone area where you will see that one of your spaces ships is running.

All levels

There are 21 officials live in the complete zone of geometry dash, of which 18 are unlocked Frag pro shooter game, when you install and play the game


It will be easier for you to play with the booster. The booster helps you to jump higher. Working together will increase your score.


Geometry dash is a mod version where mod versions have also been introduced for further improvement. Taring room has been set up in the game where one can excel first. In the training room, you are taught how to catch diamonds. If you die at any level of the game, you can revive the same place with the help of diamonds.

Download Geometry Dash For PC

The first requirement, your pc has OS window XP which is essential. Easy to play when you have up to 1 GB of memory. And that is the full version of the game which is totally free to download.

Personal Review

Anyways I just want to tell you that this geometry dash is not an easy but incredible game. Funny how a game with only one control can still be broken. Jumps never register when needed, and the levels are purposely designed to be as garbage as humanly possible. Challenging doesn’t mean making levels that are broken.


Q1: How many levels are there in geometry dash APK?

Basically 21 levels in the game some of levels is difficult to play and win.

Q2: What is the name of hardest level in the game Geometry dash APK?

The name of hardest level of the game is silent club and the number of 1107696 which is impossible to win the level.


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