GTA San Andreas Mod APK (Android/PC/OBB) Unlimited Money


GTA San Andreas Apk is an action and endless game, where you can play with your players online too. Collect lot of money and unlimited gems.
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App name GTA San Andreas
Current Version 2.00
Requires Android 7.0 and up
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It is the most played action game all over the world. GTA San Andreas Mod APK has released many of its series and the very first play station version 2 was released in 2004, which became the best-seller on PS2. And this is part 8 of this series known as Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. It can be played on Xbox and PC also the developers have released versions for Mac, mobile, and tablets. There is a large range of missions and challenges in the game. In this the game has come up with its excellent features which provide super graphics, connect to the friend’s impressive arsenal of weapons, elements required for survival and sandboxes & an amazing collection of cars.

GTA San Andreas APK is plotted in the American state of San Andreas; includes 3 cities Los Santos, San Fierro, and Las Ventura. And the main character of the game is Carl Johnson. He belongs to Los Santos, which is his hometown as well. He lived there for less than ten years. But Carl remembers about his past, he has to leave the native land, which was filled with criminals, His brothers were killed and did other illegal activities. This version brings you back the same character and story to be continued from the interval. You will be given different missions and challenges in order to help Carl Johnson get back what he had lost in the past and claim for his rights. In this game, you will surely experience the life of a true gang in realistic gameplay.

Gameplay Of GTA San Andreas Mod APK

The game GTA San Andreas has got many more things to explore for months. Hereby, the game includes many elements such as shooting, third-person actions racing, etc. At the same time, you have to complete the missions and challenges to look for new stories and progress the game. You have to meet other characters, get open contracts, kill the people, and steal the cars.

But if you don’t want to be a mafia, even that way is fine because you can simply roam in the city, steal expensive cars, visit city spots and tease the cops behind you. It can bring you a lot of fun, but make sure not to create any street security disorder or anything at higher levels, as the police, FBI, and task force can appear. There is a lot more to explore inside the game, which needs your time and you will be introduced to its amazing features.

Features Of GTA San Andreas APK

Customization of the vehicles

You can upgrade your vehicle according to your choice. You can change the appearance of the car’s color, wheels, and many more. 

GTA San Andreas APK Multiple new cities

The game takes place in the state of San Andreas, divided into three different cities; Los Santos, San Fierro & Las Ventura’s, and many small towns. Ways of generating income-break into houses to steal the property, snatching away the cars, completing many challenges, and more.

Stats progression

Players can upgrade all the skills and stats ranging from stamina, health, and lung capacity to weapons and all vehicles.

Good combat

Players can reach out a tactical approach to shooting, with stealth killings and various kinds of fighting styles.

Plenty of side missions and activities

Apart from the taxi or firefighters like missions, now players can be truck drivers, valets, jobs at a quarry, dance, and gamble at the casinos located in all the cities, mainly of Las Ventura’s.

Free to play

You can enjoy it playing offline and with an internet connection too.

GTA San Andreas APK Download

This action game holds excellent popularity all over the world as you know sonic dash 2 mod apk. Due to its super graphics, outclass performances, and amazing features, which attracts the players and keeps them focused for hours. You can download the game on your PC and on android devices. The file size is 4.76 GB when you download it on your PC and if you need to download it on your android device, it requires 3GB of space empty in your phone as the file covers 2.6GB when downloaded on any of the android devices. To explore more about this series download the game free with just one click.

Personal Review

Very good changing in the platforms. I grew up playing GTA. Never dreamed of a day I’d be able to walk around with it in my pocket. Everything about the mobile version was pretty much spot on. A lot of people have been complaining about not getting the game to start. I re-downloaded it and it works just fine. I am using an Android.


Q1) Can we play GTA: San Andreas offline?   

Ans: Yes, can be played offline but to enjoy more of its features and connect with your friends you can prefer playing it online.

Q.2) Can you list some of the best mods in GTA?      

Ans: 1)Gravity Gun.

2) GTA SA IV LOS Santos.

3) First-Person View.

4) Parkour.

5) Overdose Effects.

6) Cheat Menu.

7) GTA SA – V Graphics ENB.



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