How To Get Sim Number Details? (Sim Card All Details)

It's the best way to avoid further inconvenience for him. In This Article, I will show you How To Get Sim Number Details.
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If you receive messages from an unidentified number or get calls from a new number, you are intrigued to find out who it is. You can get his data if somebody bothers you with irregular messages and you can’t figure out his personality. It’s the best way to avoid further inconvenience for him. In This Article, I will show you How To Get Sim Number Details.

How To Get Sim Number Details
How To Get Sim Number Details

With a specific number, determining the client’s or SIM holder’s name is easy. A SIM card is essential in one of these situations. With the help of your name and CNIC, it is possible to follow flexible numbers in Pakistan. A snide call can cause you no discomfort. And also read our article How To Get WhatsApp Backup Files In GB WhatsApp? 

There are a few people who are not familiar with the subtleties of SIM cards. They can’t figure it out. The explanation is the way that it isn’t legitimate in Pakistan to uncover the data or measurements of a substantial SIM number. This article will give a technique to recognize the proprietor of the SIM card.

In Pakistan, there are different strategies to find data about the SIM client’s data. There are sites and applications which can help you in doing this. They utilize the product in the telephone to take data and afterward show it to the public so they can examine the sections of data found inside the telephone number. Acting in this way is not moral.

How To Check Sim Owner Name By Mobile Number

The system was designed to switch networks in the event that the biometrics system was inaccessible. The SIM card owner must have sufficient funds to send this message using “667.” This SIM will enable you to move your data onto the network you are switching to should you decide to change networks.

Here are some ideas for how to find out someone else’s SIM number information: Also Read our article How To Check Anyone WhatsApp Chat History & Details.


It is a computational website. It offers details about a SIM number that identifies the owner and the location. The city where it is located can be found.


* Open your web browser and visit the webpage as mentioned earlier.

• Enter the number you wish to search for in the Search Bar by clicking it.

How To Get Sim Number Details
How To Get Sim Number Details


How can I get details of my SIM card?

Activate Settings > General > About. The ICCID (SIM Card) number can then be found by scrolling down. 1. Select Settings > About Phone > Status, scroll down to the ICCID (SIM Card) number, and then click on it.

How to check the owner name and CNIC of any SIM mobile number?

How to Check the Owner’s Name for a Mobile SIM: A Step-by-Step Guide.

Send a message to 668 to check your CNIC number against the provided sim.

You are not required to enter any text in the message field.

How can I get SIM details in Pakistan?

PTA – 668 Pakistan Telecommunication Authority.

On your phone, access the Messages section.

Click the “+” or “New Message” button.

your CNIC number is added.

send to 668 as well.

Your National Identity Card will contain all Sims’ information (CNIC).

How many SIMs are against my CNIC?

How many SIMs can be added to a CNIC? The first thing to realize is that a person’s ability to obtain additional SIM cards using their CNIC is constrained. A person is only permitted to have five SIM cards issued in their name at once, under PTA guidelines.

Can we check the owner of the SIM?

Click on the calling button after dialing *922#. The notice displaying the name under which the SIM is registered will thereafter be shown to you. The SIM is registered to an unknown number in the image above.

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