Knife Hit Mod APK (Unlimited Money/Apples) VIP Unlock


In Knife Hit Mod APK game, gives us a board on the wall and we hit the wall with our best knife. Perform your abilities and collect unlimited apples.
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In the Knife Hit Mod APK game, you will perform dangerous art with a knife. Players are often seen performing on TV channels, such as cutting apples and hitting wood on the walls. This game is not at all as easy and cool as it looks. Because you don’t have experience in this game, first you will try to improve your target. When you work hard, you have to hit the target correctly and understand the game is a little bit dangerous.

The game publisher Ketchapp has taken on the responsibility of bringing knife hit art to players around the world. we perform dangerous art from our mobile devices and try our luck. The popularity of the game is due to its endless fun and interesting features. Play the game and hold the knife in your grip to get the game experience. Also, check our best App Insta Pro APK.

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Knife Hit Mod APK Gameplay

The game gives us the board on which we have to hit our stick, so like a master, we become the master of this game. The gameplay gives you various challenges in which you have to hit your target. This game will seem easy to you but as you enter this game your difficulties may increase. There is a knife on board on the wall. If you put your knife on this knife instead of on your target, the game will stop immediately and you will lose. The gameplay helps you to collect the apples lying on the screen and the Cooking Fever Mod APK game.

Knife Hit Mod APK game also offers different atoms that you can knock on after unlocking. On the way, you can collect as many apples as possible. When you stab a knife, you get one point. At the end of a very interesting game, you can also start a series of Noble Badges in which you enjoy the game with your friends.

Knife Hit Mod APK Features

All knives unlocked

As you reach the top of the game, you can unlock differently designed knives using your own apples. People who love knives keep trying to unlock different knives. Losing the game, many players keep trying to get the knives.

Unlimited Apples

Just like you have to hit the board on the wall with your knife, if you hit your target correctly, you get a lot of apples along with one point. Collect unlimited apples for the use of your power and experience. That is why, when you collect unlimited apples, you also have the skill to cut them on your knife.

Knife Hit Mod APK Different levels

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One of the things that players find interesting is that different levels of this game have been introduced in which you show your skills. To protect yourself a bit in the game, take different logs with you and move on almost slowly. Plus, you will be getting rid of cutlers you don’t need. Delicious apples on different levels and amazing bonuses will show you a lot of interest. The knife hit mod apk game has the power to deal with all kinds of difficulties along with multiple game levels. Thus, it is said that as you progress further you will go against a tough log. And this way you will be able to enjoy the game a lot.

Unlimited life and multiplayer

When playing the game, you will find yourself competing with players from around the world competing with the leader board. Thus, alternatively being attached to your game. The game connects you with friends through social media accounts. If you want to get higher scores than your friends then compete with them and get ahead of your bragging rights. Great prizes are also given after winning the game.

Free shopping and VIP Unlock

As you gain your place after passing different levels of the game, you will accumulate a lot of prizes. Buy all kinds of shopping with these apples. Also, you can get VIP unlocked after playing all levels of the game with different battles.

Knife Hit Mod APK No Adds

Most of the time, as many games are played, a lot of advertisements appear while playing these games. But the gameplay is made without complete ads in this game. So don’t worry panic and start the game.

Play the game without the internet

The knife hit mod apk game can also be played without the internet. Because its features are designed in such a way that the player can download it. Once in the whole world and play it on his device without internet connection and mobile data.

Graphics and sound

In addition to the many features of the game, the game’s graphics are also very attractively designed and the viewer is attracted to it. And graphic is contained in a 3D type that you will see on your device. Strive yourself to experience incredible visual effects as well.

As compared to graphics as well as the audio system and the track system are enhanced using sound effects. Get yourself fully involved in the game instead of bombarding it with the music.

Personal Review

After downloading the game, I aimed my knife at the board on the wall and I also collected a lot of apples I also collected unlimited money and unlocked all the knives. Same way, I could easily pass every level of the game. In the beginning, when I hit my target, I was at a loss but as I entered the game my target seemed to hit clearly my target.


How to download knife hit mod apk game in IOS/ Android?

Knife hit mod apk game is specially made for Android or IOS. Search download button from our web and download it on your device and get play the game with your friends from all over the world.


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