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Piano Tiles 2 Mod APK is a beat game in which you need to attempt to play the absolute most famous melodies on the planet utilizing a piano console on the screen of your Android.
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Piano Tiles 2 Mod APK is a beat game in which you need to attempt to play the absolute most famous melodies on the planet utilizing a piano console on the screen of your Android. The trouble lies in the way that the piano keys are moving at an exceptionally rapid. Have you at any point longed for turning into an expert piano player like Beethoven, Chopin, or Mozart?

Have you at any point longed for playing traditional tunes like Little Star, Canon, or Jingle Bells on the piano? Simply dance and play tune fly in Piano Tiles 2. Presently your fantasy can materialize with Piano Magic Tiles 2. The standard is straightforward. Tap on the piano dark tiles constantly to play the music. Look out for the white tiles and never miss any piano dark tiles to finish each tune.

The game is easy to such an extent that even children play it on the web. There are 4 different ways in succession, and these streets stretch until the end of time. You are attempting to print dark drapes that come in those ways. A portion of the squares might consume most of the day to print, however on the off chance that you can’t hit one, you are consuming and the game is finished. You are attempting to play whatever number of possibilities as could be expected under the circumstances to the furthest limit of the music and procure focuses as you play. It is an extremely fun-loving and tomfoolery game.

In the same way as other web-based games, there are relatively few advertisements in Piano Tiles 2. At Piano Tiles 2 you can undoubtedly pass the episode. It very well might be simple in the first place, yet suppose it’s somewhat troublesome as the segment continues and new music is delivered.

App Name Piano Tiles 2
Publisher Cheetah Games
Size 55MB
Latest Version
MOD Info Unlimited Money/Unlocked
Get it On Google Play Store
Update 1 Day Ago
Piano Tiles 2 APK

How to download Piano Tiles for PC?

It’s nothing new. The folks at Cheetah Mobile haven’t fostered a variant for Windows PC or macOS, so to play this game on your PC (remember that it will be more muddled playing with a console and mouse than with a touchscreen), you’ll need to download its APK and afterward run it on an Android emulator of any semblance of BlueStacks or Nox App Player.

As another option, you can observe different web-based adaptations that you can play straight in your program, albeit not even one of them is true. Be that as it may, basically you’ll have the option to play on your PC without introducing anything.

Piano Tiles 2™ application survey

It is no damage to attempt Piano Tiles 2 for Android since it likewise has been picked as the best game in 2022 in Google Play Store in 13 nations. In this game, there is additionally a heart-formed energy supply to have the option to play. The standard or ongoing interaction is easy. It is straightforward and like its ancestor. Tap all dark melodic notes for one beat note and the blue one for long beat notes. Every one of the notes ought to be tapped precisely. Assuming there is even just one note left or wrong tap, the game will end and you lose.

For that reason, the players should watch out. Each melody is played with an unending run of melodic notes. As time goes by, and you are as yet tapping the notes, the melody beat will run quicker and quicker. That is the difficult aspect of the game. As an outcome, this game can be played by all individuals and it ends up being so irresistible. It is amazing as an option for a period killer and plays in exhausting time. It triggers individuals to keep their concentration and motivation.

In illustrations, it is only great with a straightforward and lovely plan. Embraced the past form formula, the plan isn’t excessively unique, in spite of the fact that it has been refreshed. It accompanies the average blue and dark tiles of the piano. For sound, the players are given numerous tunes as a foundation while playing it. It has different levels going from delayed to quick rhythm including well-known exemplary tunes.


The renowned music game is back with new things for everybody to vanquish the dazzling levels. Following a lot of time distressing work, inundate yourself in the delicate keys to neglect work pressures. Appreciating interesting melodic classes with Piano Tiles 2 is a supernatural occurrence for those with incredible energy for music. Besides, the keys likewise assist players with feeling more tranquil. In spite of the fact that there have been various renditions of the game previously, the game has consistently carried a colossal contrast for everybody to appreciate. As we as the games of Shadow of death APK.


There’s no rejecting that Piano Tiles 2 is the best music game of all time. A music treasure with in excess of 200 traditional tunes by very well-known performers like Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, and Chopin. Every one of the tunes of the most loved specialists is completely present in this game. You want to enter the catchphrase of the tune, and you will have a phenomenal play quickly to encounter.


The game never allows you to play alone, yet set up web-based coordination with your companions by connecting your informal organization record to the game. At the present time, join your companions to contend to see who is the best player and allows you the best opportunity of winning. Typically, the game will give different compensations to the triumphant player and use them for some, essential play cases.

Get the test together with companions in speedy play mode to see who can remain to the latest possible moment. In some cases doing the game, again and again, makes a feeling of fervor and tomfoolery. With incredible music, the game should be the best piano game for all loved ones to flaunt their astounding abilities together.

Instructions to DO THE GAME

As a matter of first importance, the game offers a direct execution however expects players to have a light-footed attitude. Assuming that you miss the beat multiple times, the game will promptly end, and you need to rehash the interaction. Piano Tiles 2™ presents the game rule of contacting the dull tiles without contacting the light tiles.

Whenever the player starts to feel the dark keys, the principal tunes of natural music will play to help you unwind and make the motivation for the player. Be that as it may, to play the game effectively, you really want to concentrate and straightaway touch the keys to perform.


For amusement, however, you can likewise flaunt your capable piano playing abilities in Piano Tiles 2™. Turning into an expert player is easy for us, standard practice will assist our level with being improved especially. In addition, this is additionally a chance for you to show your enthusiasm for music. How about we drench ourselves in novel stories to flaunt our expert abilities. Albeit the game offers numerous rhythms with a quick beat, how might it outperform our expert playing level?

There will be a wide range of levels of play to help players not get exhausted in light of the redundancy.


As you probably are aware, this game series is popular for its illustrations planned in a cutting edge and lovely style. Players should feel like they’re sewing playing on a genuine piano. All that shows up in the game is completely duplicated with capacities to assist players with fulfilling their energy for music. You want to tap on the screen constantly, and the sound will be played like a smooth show. Each mood is ideally suited for any piano sweetheart. Along these lines, practice adaptable hands to rapidly score many winning focuses for you and the potential chance to get a progression of various precious stones.

Marvelous Features

Here are the highlights you’d see in this game:

Amazing Rhythms

There are various rhythms to appreciate in this game. You’d partake in this at an alternate speed. The game is a difficult one, and the tiles move quicker as your level increments. Subsequently, the rhythms will turn out to be quicker, and you’d have to show how quick your fingers are.

piano-tiles-2-apk-most recent form

Piano Tiles 2 will allow you to consolidate your hands and eyes as you contend with various difficulties. The point is to establish your own standards. Would you be able to be a distraught musician and tap work if there’s no tile to tap?

Instinctive and Simple Controls

Is it true or not that you are searching for a game with the most natural and basic controls? Piano Tiles are the thing you are searching for. The basic and instinctive controls improve the outright exhilarating ongoing interaction. This is the most habit-forming game you’d play on your cell phone. You can’t become weary of this game once you begin playing it.

Select your game like payback 2 and begin playing it on various levels.

Invigorating Challenges to take on

In Piano Tiles 2, there are countless invigorating difficulties for you to take on. This is notwithstanding the principle of interactivity. You’d be acquainted with various difficulties, and what’s sure is that you’d cherish these difficulties.

Piano-tiles-2 sans apk download

Piano Tiles will make you appreciate invigorating interactivity, and you can do this on your cell phone. Astounding that the difficulties are upheld with an astonishing award framework. Accordingly, you can play this game to dominate astounding prizes.

Shifted Customization Options

Piano Tiles 2 acquaints players with various customization choices. This permits players to make changes to the in-game connection point contingent upon their inclinations. You can change the exhausting notes that once over to the essences of adorable felines.

There are different customization choices to use in this game. You can likewise utilize delightful pictures to change the foundation of the game. Most importantly you can cause Piano Tiles 2 to feel like home.

Various Songs to Choose

This is the most astounding thing regarding the game. There are various tunes to look over and partake in an invigorating second. Piano Tiles 2 is for music fans due to the many piano melodies it offers. As referenced above, these melodies are from the renowned piano players on the planet.

In contrast to the principal form of this game. There are more current melodies to appreciate, and these tunes are of various kinds. You can partake in these melodies in various styles, and you should simply download the game at this point.

Every day Bonuses

What’s a game without rewards? Piano Tiles 2 isn’t simply a game. In Piano Tiles 2, you can win day-by-day rewards notwithstanding the prizes you win while playing. You can gather these rewards and use them to perform amazing updates that’d assist you with advancing.


It is vital to take note that this is an allowed to play the game in spite of these astounding highlights. Astounding that Android clients can play this game free of charge.

Piano Tiles 2 Mod Apk latest version

Here are the highlights you’d appreciate when you play the mod apk:

Limitless cash.

Download this variant free of charge.


Download the most recent variant of Piano Tiles 2 on your gadget to partake in the various melodies it offers.

Piano Tiles 2 APK

What is Piano Tiles 2 Mod APK?

Piano Tiles 2 Mod APK is a musicality game that moves you to utilize a piano console on your Android screen to play a portion of the world’s most well-known tunes. The impediment lies in the way that the piano keys move at an exceptionally high speed.

In this subsequent Piano Tiles portion, the interactivity is actually equivalent to in the first. At a high slant, a succession of piano keys circumvent the screen, and you need to attempt to squeeze them with impeccable timing to continue to play. You will continue playing and standing by listening to the music you have chosen assuming you contact the right keys, however, the smallest mistake can stop the game without warning.

The App is the best application in the Entertainment Sector. In the wake of delivering this application, it circulates around the web inside a brief time frame for its well-known highlights and pleasant client experience.


Is Piano Tiles 2 gone?

Albeit Piano Tiles 2 was taken out from Google Play Store, Apple clients will be glad to realize that the game is as yet accessible at the App Store. Albeit Piano Tiles 2 was taken out from Google Play Store, Apple clients will be glad to realize that the game is as yet accessible at the App Store.

Why was Piano Tiles 2 removed?

On February twentieth, Google Security Blog distributed a declaration, expressing that around 600 applications, including Piano Tiles 2, were taken out from the Google Play Store for their infringement of “troublesome advertisements strategy”.

Is Piano Tiles 2 available on Android?

Piano Tiles 2 is a beat game that moves you to play the absolute most well-known melodies on the planet utilizing a piano console on the screen of your Android. … It offers as great a game encounter as its ancestor, while perhaps not more.

Are piano tiles harmful?

While the fans are at present looking for elective channels to download the game from, it should be noticed that except if the game is reached through a legitimate and official stage, there is a high gamble of unprotected and hazardous malware that could really hurt gadgets.

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