Roblox Music Codes (Song Id List) 2023

Searching for Roblox music rules? There are countless numbers of popular tunes available to pay attention to in Roblox, by simply entering music IDENTIFICATION codes into your own boombox or the particular radio. Using track IDs, you are able to perform your favorite TikTok songs in online games with your buddies.

Roblox Music Codes

So how perform you play songs in Roblox? The particular method varies in accordance to which sport you want in order to blast your music in. Some online games allow you totally free access to the particular boombox – just equip and push it to provide up a textual content box in which usually you can enter into a song IDENTITY code. Catalog Nirvana is a wonderful destination to test typically the codes you get, as it permits you to equip any boombox in the go shopping and test it out.

Throughout most games, yet, you’ll need to be able to utilize the radio to be able to play music. This kind of is often a section of some sort of paid Nfl live streaming the price involving a Pass is definitely set by every single game developer singularly. Once you include the usage of the broadcast, you can make using it in an identical way as typically the boombox – merely your song IDENTITY code and hit play.

Occasionally, monitors are taken along by Roblox, and so if a signal stops working, an individual will have to be able to look for some sort of replacement. Allow me to share typically the best radio tunes codes in Roblox that work throughout January 2023.

Trying to find Roblox music requirements? Here you’ll locate some of typically the best song requirements and ids you can utilize in Roblox.

Roblox gaming platform permits independent gaming makers to develop their own game profiles and mechanics. This particular multiplayer gaming system allows you to definitely funnel your creativeness in various ways. Gamers are often in search of additional amusement that might make their video gaming experience more enjoyable.

The best Roblox music codes are

Kelis ~ Milkshake – 321199908

Doja Cat ~ Say So ~ 521116871

Ed Sheeran – Bad Behaviors – 7202579511

MACK – Money ~ 7551431783

The Stress and anxiety – Meet Us At Our Location – 7308941449

Odd Scary Skeletons ~ 515669032

Billie Eilish – NDA ~ 7079888477

Juice WRLD – Lucid Aspirations – 8036100972

Lil Nas X ~ Industry Baby ~ 7253841629

Belly Ballerina x Temperature ~ 8055519816

Glass Pets or animals – Heat Mounds – 6432181830

Amaarae – SAD GIRLZ LUV MONEY ~ 8026236684

Boney Michael – Rasputin ~ 5512350519

Feliz Natividad – 1241889499

BTS – Butter ~ 6844912719

Ashnikko ~ Daisy – 5321298199

Lv (Original) – (4935996782)

ZEROTWOOOOO – (3951847031)

Pew – (2578125671)

Rubbish On Me : (4908301571)

Old City Road – (2862170886)

2Pac – Existence Goes On (186317099)

Taylor Swift: You Belong Along with Me (6159978466)

Olivia Rodrigo – Raw (6937354391)

Doja Kitty – Have to know (6940413841)

Lil Nas By – Industry Child (7081437616)

Kali Uchis – Telepatia (6403599974)

Dua Lipa: Levitating (6606223785)

Tesher – Jalebi Child (6463211475)

Billie Eilish – My Long term (5622020090)

BTS: Fake Love (1894066752)

Albatraoz Edit

I´m An Albatraoz (Niklas Edit) (470274484)

twenty-one pilots: Chlorine (2675904848)

Cyber/Steampunk Music (146414661)

Lil Haiti – Great Vibe (463843723)

Organic – Imagine Dragons (2173344520)

Maroon five – Payphone (131396974)

Havana (1358148888)

Pokemon Sword and Protect Gym theme (3400778682)

A Roblox Hip hop – Merry Xmas Roblox (1259050178)

Mr. Bieber Bieber – Tasty (4591688095)

BTS: BAEPSAE (331083678)

Freezing – Let This Go (189105508)

You Have Been Trolled (154664102)

Working Brookhaven’s unique codes

They are all the Brookhaven music ID unique codes you can use right now. As mentioned, they do not expire so you may use them at any time.

1259050178 – A new Roblox Rap/Merry Xmas Roblox

6957372976 – Bad Bunny – Yonaguni

1845016505 – Who trust

6843558868 – BTS – Butter

5253604010 – Capone – Wow No

5937000690 – Chikatto – Chika Chika

5760198930 – Clairo – Sofia

1725273277 – Honest Ocean – Chanel

189105508 – Iced – Let This Go

6432181830 – Glass Animals – Heat Trend

249672730 – Illijah – On My Method

1243143051 – Ring Oof (Jingle Alarms parody)

224845627 – The Kitty Feline Party

6620108916 – Lil Nas Times-Call Myself From your Name

143666548 – Mii Station Audio

6447077697 – PinkPantheress Pain

3400778682 – Pokemon Blade and Shield Fitness Center theme

6678031214 – Polo G – RAPSTAR

6887728970 – Rauw Alejandro – Todo De Usted

5595658625 – Noble & the Snake – Overwhelmed

292861322 – Snoop Dogg – Drop This Like It’s Warm

6794553622 – Syko Brooklyn Blood Put

6463211475 – Tesher – Jalebi Infant

154664102 – You have Been Trolled

Chopper Trap Remix  212675193

ZEROTWOOOOO      3951847031                           

(EPIC)                                    1051512943

Shrek anthem                          152828706

Louis Vuitton – Original           4935996782

pouring tacos                         142376088

GFMO – Hello (100k!! )           214902446

Pew                                        2578125671

Unconfirmed codes

5925841720 – 2Pac rapid California Love

186317099 – 2Pac rapid Life Goes In

225150067 – Little one Bash ft. Frankie J – Suga Suga

1321038120 rapid Billie Eilish rapid Ocean Sight

1894066752 – BTS rapid Fake Like

748726200 – Casi rapid No Reduce

6657083880 – Doja Pet cat – Kiss Us More (ft. SZA)

521116871 – Doja Cat – Declare So

6606223785 rapid Dua Lipa rapid Levitating

4591688095 rapid Justin Bieber rapid Yummy

6403599974 rapid Kali Uchis rapid Telepatia

6815150969 rapid The Kid LAROI Stay (ft. Mr. Bieber)

6177409271 rapid Kim Dracula rapid Paparazzi

7081437616 rapid Lil Nas A and Jack Harlow – Industry Little one

3340674075 – Lil Nas X rapid Panini

6833920398 rapid Olivia Rodrigo fine 4 u

614018503 – Pink Fong – Baby Shark

6760592191 – Technique Sonic – Abandon The doorway Start

2623209752 – Snowboard Mask The Decline God – Nuketown

6159978466 – The singer Swift – An individual Belong With Us

5145539495 – Tinaja Turner – There is no benefits Love Got to be able to Do about it

5315279926 – Tones together with I – Terrible Child

4982789390 rapid The Weeknd rapid Blinding Lights

5619169255 – The Weeknd – Save The Cry

1003325030 rapid XXXTentacion – Take On

1326909345 rapid XXXTentacion – Jocelyn Flores

How to redeem Brookhaven codes

Roblox Music Codes

Kick-off Brookhaven, then the audio icon at the top of the screen. The next step is somewhat confusing at first.

Click “buy now” then when it requests for your Roblox ID, input the Brookhaven music signal instead. Providing a few Brookhaven requirements means you no longer have to spend any Robux, or real-world money, despite the particular redeeming process that causes it to seem to be like.

Roblox Song Codes or Music Id Codes (2022)

(LOGAN PAUL) THE DROP OF JAKE PAUL           910393532

Gucci Mane: Guwop Home task. Young Thug         486322590


[DESC] 2002 – Bea Marie [Slushy Midi Cover]                      2603940955

Ariana Grande: God is a woman                                          2071829884

The Roblox Rap: Merry Christmas Roblox                         1259050178

A Roblox Hip hop – Merry Xmas Roblox                             1259050178

ADHD                                                                                    2725621620

Joe W. Sabrina Father – On The Way SLOWED                  2985525819

Albert Screaming (ALBERT NOTICED THIS! )                    2562510225

Almost all Star but KreekCraft Ls                                       1594785010

In our midst Drip                                                                 6486359635

Annoying                                                                              520168377

Annoying Sound         361987812

Roblox Music Codes Asimo3089, bad, KreekCraft

You’re welcome    2232185283

Child Shark     614018503

Baby Shark– Pink Fong          614018503

Poor Boys       132007810

Banana            1772827136

Beep Beep I’m a Sheep (FULL)          722968918

Billie Eilish – My personal Future       5622020090

BAEPSAE        331083678

Fake Love        1894066752

Save Me          407947764

Bts Danger      181478344

Kitten? I’m a pet cat. 224845627

Okay – Love Nwantiti SLOWED         7453158420

Clean R? ver ft. Demi Lovato – Solo remix     2106186490

Cyber/Steampunk Music        146414661

Daniel Bautista – Air travel of the Bumblebee           27697719

Daniel Bautista ~ Intro            27697707

DARUDE ~ SANDSTORM     166562385

dat boi [600+ DISTRIBUTED! ]410806544

Doja Cat – Want to Know       6940413841

Doja Cat – Claim So   521116871

Drop it 130783015

DROP IT         145934228

2 Lipa – Levitating       6606223785

Dubstep           138279247

EAR EXPLODER 9001          180736564

Epic Sax Guy  130775431

Everywhere My partner and I Go       7156629013

Fetty Wap – Trap Queen        210783060

Fishy On Me   4908301571

Roblox Music Codes Five Nights With Freddys 2 Tune:

Survive The Night            189825748

Fried Chicken Tune [5000+!!!! usually takes!! ]212718942

Frosty – Allow it Go    189105508

Gangnam Style           130844430


Havana            1358148888

I Love Taters (Potato Song)   158764033

My partner and I play Pokemon GET every day! 482886779

I´m An Albatraoz (Niklas Edit)            470274484

I’M VEGGIE, MR. BEAN SONG         947518032

I’m the Chart Dora the manager REMIX! 228617206

Primary D – Aiman Vu            414454387

It’s Pouring Tix [Remix]398475084

It’s everyday bro!!!???? 1033033034

Jailbreak Jewelry Store          1735250738

Ring Oof (Jingle Alarms but Oof)       1243143051

Ring Oof (Jingle Alarms but Oof)       1243143051

JoeyDaPlayer – YOU INCLUDE NO LIFE     1282209285

Liquid Wrld – Informed & Dangerous 2498066534

liquid world – moonlight            1494152209

Justin Bieber ~ One Dance (Remix)   427404831

Justin Bieber ~ Yummy          4591688095

Kali Uchis – Telepatia (slowed and reverb)   6403599974

Kiki Do you really Love Me 

 Gaga – Applause        130964099

Lisa – Lose Some Money    7551431783

Permit it to go      189105508

Cat Lil Haiti – Excellent Vibe         463843723

Jam Lil Em X – Sector Baby          7081437616

Research – Cry On your own (Rap)          2506954333

Push – OOFer Gang          1325149363

Lizz — Cover & Seek [English] ~ hide and seek       255355232

Louis Vuitton ~ Original          4935996782

Maroon 5 – Girls As if you ft.

Cardi B 2211976041

Maroon 5 ~ Payphone            131396974

Marshmello ~ Alone    413514503

Marshmello ~ Alone [JOIN NIEVE]413625451

Mii Channel Music      143666548

Mii Channel Music (Wii)          143666548

MLG can 177080835

Monster by Meg & Dia (Remix)          148492408

Nasty Freestyle~T-Wayne???? 245138881

Natural – Envision Dragons    2173344520

never likely to oof you up        2300687273

Nightcore – Very Little Psycho           278497467

NIVIRO – Memes TMM2 Intro Song  2110490513

Certainly not Online    1609008983

Nya! Arigato (TikTok Song)    6441347468

Kentkucky Fried Chicken accomplishment.

Team 10            879800012

Outdated Town Road 2862170886

Olivia Rodrigo – Brutal            6937354391

Peppa pig diss track   2744364567

Pew     2578125671

Pokemon Sword and Defend Gym theme     3400778682

Publish ####### Swae Shelter – Sunflower ~ Crado            2698664996

PPAP ~ Pen Pineapple The apple company Pen (Trap Remix)       512982331

Pretty Girl- Margaret Lindemann        657284150

Roblox 2018 Music Rap         1357288961

Roomie-It’s Muffin Time [9, 000+ Usually takes! ]190475759

BLAST IT!! 142768285

Shutup Swedish          2178847120

Smosh ~ Milky Milkshake 3333+ takes! 142422036

Soviet Anthem, English          1195628611

Very Mario Scream (LOUD)   442897621

Tesher – Jalebi Baby  6463211475

The Pet Cat Dance     224845627

Typically the Slender Man Song        142776228

This is Halloween season REMIX      517273860


DONALD TRUMP (remix)            488472970

Toad – Milk products and Cookies (Full Song)          587971443

Tsunami Hardstyle [Remix Hard]142720946

Twaimz~; Pasión song! 239734705

20 or so one pilots ~ Chlorine 2675904848

Waluigi hallelujah        2052326384

We got to have… money. 130763583

what does the fox say? 130797915

What’s 9+10 (Remix)  183314842

Wiggle Wiggle 170184872

Really don’t want to do this anymore     740491111

XXXTENTACION – Moonlight (65, 000+ SALES) READ DESC       1346523498

XXXTENTACION – RIOT       513080504

yes      5047832992

yo tengo          1236609502

you gonna be sorry     2733053836

How to get New Roblox Music IDs and Songs Codes?

If you are searching for new tracks to increase your selection then you could always discover them online. We have created steps that you should follow to obtain brand-new Roblox song IDs.

Making use of Roblox Song IDs and Music Rules

There are 2 techniques to using Track IDs and Songs Codes. The 1st method is totally free, but the 2nd the first is something a person has to spend on.

Roblox Music Codes Equipping the Boombox

The simplest method to use song codes in Roblox is by installing a Boombox plus inputting the track ID. This technique of doing the particular next free with regard to most Roblox online games. Some games nevertheless, do not instantly provide a Boombox, and also you might have in order to do some looking before you may get your fingers on one.

Roblox Music Codes Making Use of the Radio

Another method is simply inserting music rules via radio. This particular is the most typical method for individuals who are musicians within Roblox. Unlike the particular Boombox, Radios are not free in inclusion to spend for them. They are part of the particular Game Pass unique to a particular game you’re actively playing. Just how much the expense will count on typically the developer.

Roblox ALL Singer Songs List With Roblox Music Codes

Woman Madonna:

The Beatles 165243803

Vogue: Madonna   466442029

She actually is Not Me: Madonna     724285294

Hung Up: Madonna    479472390

Holy Water: Madonna 574416229

02 Casting the Commotion: Madonna 401796572

Style: Madonna 2056533752

Madonna’s feet. Nicki Minaj: I am Madonna PARODY  296354372


Lil Yachty — Buzzin’ Ft. Partynextdoor  525434731

Await You: PARTYNEXTDOOR     303084330

1942: PARTYNEXTDOOR     493455767

Western District: PARTYNEXTDOOR     336685996

Simply no Feelings: Travis Jeff and PARTYNEXTDOOR  329307105

Cannot Allow the Summer Complete: PARTYNEXTDOOR     1432400006

Nipsey Hu$$le: PARTYNEXTDOOR and Candy   181477667

Persian Rugs: PARTYNEXTDOOR     254234783

Routine Rouge: PARTYNEXTDOOR     305656365

Keep in thoughts: PARTYNEXTDOOR     343233161

Some Associated with Your Love:


Kehlanis Freestyle: PARTYNEXTDOOR  294356448

All I Want to Know: PARTYNEXTDOOR  303097486

Simply no Feelings: PARTYNEXTDOOR and ft. Travis Scott  329307105

Increase: Major Lazer ft. PARTYNEXTDOOR and Nicki Minaj     629308100

Joey Bada$$ Song IDs Listing

FromdaTomb$:: JOEY BADass     434606838

Christ Mindful: JOEY BADass     234199813

Simply no. 99: JOEY BADass     234199435

Survival Tactics: JOEY BADass &ft. Funds STEEZ    694902404

FromdaTomb$ — Joey Bada$$a     434606838

Success Tactics – Joey Bada$$ ft. Funds STEEZ    694902404

No. 99 – Joey Bada$$ 234199435

Christ Conscious — Joey Bada$$     234199813

Killuminati – Joey Bada$$ ft Capital STEEZ    398961623

Devastated – Joey Bada$$ (MVMMALS Remix) 515043305

G Herbo (Lil Herb) – Master Knows feat. Joey Bada$$ 399545029


 1975 Song IDs Listing

Settle Straight down 1975     852171719

Chocolates: 1975 166117846

Criminals: 1975   157514939

Counteract Song IDs Listing

 Blueface – Bussdown Ft. Offset     4003368984

Zeze – Kodak Dark, Travis Scott, Offset 2513692510

Taste: Tyga and ft. Offset     3155350666

Style: Tyga as well as foot. Offset     1827747894

ZEZE: Omarion as well as Ft. Offset     2485538990

Truck Loads: Counter as well as ft. Lil Yachty    495046473

Monday: Counter as well as Migos     888431280

Progress: Offset    779384579

Jay Unces Song IDs Checklist

Dirt Through your Neck – JAY Z     256130614

The take control instructions JAY Z     203150907

Useless Presidents – THE AUTHOR Z     973336981

I’m A new New Soul: The author Z ft. Yael Naim    417247321

Jay ounces empire state regarding mind ft Alicia keys 34063318

Bryson Tiller Song IDs Checklist

Tiller instructions Finesse     2563942265

Tiller X Speak to Me     364989988

How About At this point: Bryson Tiller  357409112

Permit ‘Em Know: Bryson Tiller     345699319

Self Righteous: Bryson Tiller     337929688

Rambo: Bryson Tiller  346689821

Home Righteous: Bryson Tiller     330193758

Set You Cost-free: Bryson Tiller     249834833

Molly: Bryson Tiller    360581317

My apologies Not Sorry: Bryson Tiller  433968753

Don’t: Bryson Tiller    287541782

I Enjoy Beyonce Too: Bryson Tiller     384522870

 Mac Burns Song IDs Checklist

 Nikes on my personal payment: Mac Miller 269416379

Fight the impression: Macintosh Miller 617511087

Knock Topple: Mac Miller     156223968

Excellent Evening: Mac Miller     182574375

Insomniac: Mac Miller 276200707

Tech N9ne Tune IDs Checklist

Precisely what If It Seemed to be Me: Tech N9ne 639645643

Straight Out Typically the Gate: Tech N9ne   1124619974

On The Holy book: Tech N9ne     245716416

Lose It Down: Technical N9ne     255781768

KCMO Anthem: Tech N9ne     317826258

Sriracha: Tech N9ne   546091748

Engine Go Crazy: Technical N9ne     322164573

Fragile: Technical N9ne     381759835

Embody Although Me: Tech N9ne     587197744

Speedom: Tech N9ne as well as ft Krizz Kaliko and Eminem     240766787

Hood Go Outrageous: Tech N9ne as well as ft. B. um. B., 2 Chainz     260004612

DeJ Loaf Tune IDs List

Dej Loaf Ft Kodak Black: All I need For Christmas   582331764

Genuine Or False: Lil Durk x Dej Loaf   432686899

Hold an individual up Dej loaf as well as Jacquees   1570053009

Most I Want to be Intended for Christmas: Dej Loaf ft Kodak Black     582331764

Me U as well as Hennessy: DeJ Loaf     266350056

Jhené Aiko Tune IDs List

 New person – Jhené Aiko     289566367

WTH – Jhené Aiko 199118117

The Gases – Jhené Aiko     578476997

Lyin King ~ Jhené Aiko     272505586

Typically the Pressure – Jhené Aiko     732165864

Wrap Me Up – Jhené Aiko     154708465

Bed Peacefulness: Jhené Aiko     274022287

Ease and comfort Inn Ending: Jhené Aiko   270258383

July: Jhené Aiko as well as Drake     289566455

Post Being: Omarion Ft. Chris Dark brown as well as Jhene Aiko     262766109

The best way to listen to sounds on Roblox?

Move 1: For starters, be sure to are owning typically the item, Boombox, and will access it easily minus the problems or perhaps issues. If an individual doesn’t, then an individual can simply carry out it by easily entering earth where the Boombox item is empowered and available to get free.

Otherwise, an individual can go to be able to those things and the Gadgets column tab in the Roblox retailer and buy that permanently.

Step a couple of You may have the tool forced to play virtually any song throughout Roblox so all of you need to be able to do now is definitely enter a Roblox music id.

Roblox song codes together with ids will have fun with any song involving your choice together with all you will need to do can be remember the Roblox song code to get future references.

How does one find your Roblox Song ID?

Ur Music Coder offers you access to locate unlimited Roblox music by basically putting your music name into the particular input box positioned about the upper aspect of the site. The resultant webpage will lead a person to your chosen Roblox music ids.

This can be the best procedure to look for your chosen Roblox music. And if a person doesn’t find your current favorites here and then do not be reluctant to contact us all and offer suggestions, the team always provides priorities in your concepts and implements this. I am completely sure you may find your chosen music next time.

How to Use Billie Eilish Roblox Song ID?

Making use of Billie Eilish Roblox song ID rules while playing Roblox games is a great idea plus one which many individuals would like to perform. To use Billie Eilish Roblox IDENTIFICATION codes, you simply need to follow a few steps.

TikTok Music ID Limitations

Måneskin – Beggin’: 7058209455

Olivia Rodrigo – good 4 u: 6833920398

Doja Cat – Hug Me More: 6657083880

Earth, Wind, Hearth – Let’s Grooved: 2583567468

My Substance Romance – Young adults: 5711542967

Doja Pet cat – Get In It (Yuh): 7179417495

LISA – FUNDS: 7447389409

Kanye Western world – Hurricane: 7183914443

Voodoo People – The Prodigy: 6291757669

MGMT – Minor Dark Age: 5944252162

The Walters – I like You Consequently: 401862969

Ir Sais – Dream Female: 6058511297

Taylor Instant – Very Very well: 5264376929

Wallows – Are You Bored stiff Yet? (feat. Willow): 3126652345

Jaymes Small – Infinity: 6419313157

Mayhem – They have Murder: 8137256091

Typically the Manhattan Pop

Waltz of the Flowers: 1838535855

Élysée – Heart Molded Box: 8158546721

Fazlija – Helikopter: 7956883559

YungManny – Bitcoin: 2775845134

Olly Murs – Unpredictable: 873525318

Soho Dolls – Bang Bang Akang Bang: 6181928770

Small the Giant – Mind Over Subject (Slowed): 6252926217

Miley Cyrus – Find You Again: 2110517514

Jnr Choi – To the Celestial body overhead: 2110517514

Saucy Santana – Material Female (Bass Boosted): 7929110456

Cardi B – Up: 6349635515

Tyler, The Creator – New Magic Wand: 6103187545

Sabaton – Soldier of Nirvana: 8485077207

Trippie Crimson – Miss the Rage: 8500024078

testosterone levels. A. T. you. – All the Things She Explained (Rusty Hook): 766122885

Gayle – Abcdefu: 419651987


What are some codes for songs in Roblox?

Kali Uchis ~ Telepatia (slowed and reverb)  6403599974

Nya! Arigato (TikTok Song)      6441347468

2 Lipa – Levitating 6606223785

Doja Cat ~ Say So 521116871

What is the Roblox ID for Tik Tok songs?

Ciara ft. Chamillionaire

Get Up         4565555845

CJ      WHOOPTY 6057415698

Coffin Dance                   4951534350

DaBaby       ROCKSTAR          4920228588

What is the loudest Roblox ID?

Loud Music IDENTITY Codes

Ear Exploder: 338005348.

Screaming Male: 271550300.

MLG – Killcam: 179497874.

FUS RO DAH!!!: 130776150.

Super Mario Remix: 203551205.

Cringey Recorders Song: 454451340.


Ten Thousand Roblox Players: 968019590.

What are some music codes for Roblox Brookhaven?

Most working Brookhaven requirements

1259050178 – A new Roblox Rap/Merry Holiday Roblox.

6957372976 – Bad Bunny – Yonaguni.

1845016505 – Believer.

6843558868 – BTS – Chaucer.

5253604010 – Capone – Oh Zero.

5937000690 – Chikatto – Chika Chika.

5760198930 – Clairo – Sofia.

1725273277 – Frank Marine – Chanel.


We hope this kind of article aids you to apply the latest Roblox song IDs throughout 2022. If an individual finds this information beneficial, always like together with share this document using your friends about each of the social mass media platforms. It can help us all to reach a lot more folks than ever before. Also, if a person has any concerns with this content do let us all know in the particular comment section which often is located lower below. Always please give some important recommendations and suggestions to improve our internet site. Thanks a great deal for reading.

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