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Roblox Support Corporation (“Roblox”) offers the Platform (the “Stage”) and different elements and administrations, similar to sites, applications, and discussions, to permit clients to play, make and interface (the Platform and these different highlights and administrations will altogether be alluded to as the “Administrations”).

To expand the experience of all clients of the Services (“Users”), Roblox has laid out agreements (altogether, the “Roblox Terms”) that apply to the utilization of the Services by Users.

Certain Roblox Terms may just apply to specific Services, so make a point to peruse and see every one of them. All things considered, these Roblox Terms are a lawfully official understanding among Users and Roblox.

All Detail of Roblox Support

These User Terms (the “Client Terms”) put forward the standards and rules that administer the utilization of the Platform. And different Services by Users and apply to all Users of the Services. These User Terms, alongside the extra Creator Terms, administer, in addition to other things, what is called User Generated Content or “UGC.” UGC is the content of any sort or nature, regardless of whether material, resources, or in any case, that Users (counting however not restricted to Creators) transfer to, make and distribute on, or in any case produce through or make accessible on the Services. 

Roblox Support

User Terms involve a significant number of the terms appropriate to Users, yet in addition contain cross-references to other Roblox Terms that might be material to Users (for instance, the Roblox Community Standards, so make certain to peruse and comprehend those other Roblox Terms also, since Users are liable for complying with them). Any promoted terms utilized however not characterized in these User Terms are characterized in one more arrangement of Roblox Mod APK Terms, so Users should look at the Roblox Dictionary on the off chance that a user doesn’t know what a promoted term implies.

This is a Legal Agreement

Acknowledgment of User Terms. At the point when the User utilizes the Services, the User consents to these User Terms and to some other appropriate Roblox Terms found in the Roblox Legal Terms. A client may not consent to these User Terms or some other Roblox Terms on the off chance that User isn’t legitimately permitted to, or then again assuming User is under 18 years of age. Clients younger than 18 (“Minor Users”) require a parent or legitimate gatekeeper (a “Watchman”) to permit them to utilize the Services and to consent to these User Terms and the other pertinent Roblox Terms. 

Changes to Terms

Roblox will furnish the User with sensible notification ahead of time of any material updates or adjustments to these User Terms. And whatever other Roblox Terms (which, notice may, (I) for Users, be given by any sensible method for warning. Including by email or by means of posting on the Roblox site, and (ii) for Users in the DevEx program. Be given through email), gave that non-material (not entirely set in stone by Roblox) or updates or alterations that address new highlights of the Services or changes or updates made for lawful reasons will be considered to be taking effect right now and without notice. In the event that the User doesn’t consent to any adjustments or updates to these User Terms or some other Roblox Terms, the User should never again utilize the Services. 

Client Accounts

Making an Account. To get to certain components of the Services, Users need to make a Roblox (“Account”). The client consents to constantly give Stitch Face Roblox genuine data and to keep that data refreshed. Keep in mind, that Roblox might find ways to ensure that the data Users give Roblox is precise. A User may never permit any other person to utilize a User’s Account (with the exception of Guardians on account of a Minor User). 

Account Suspension or Termination. Assuming the User abuses these User Terms or some other appropriate Roblox Terms, User’s, all in all, correct to utilize the Services closes.

Advanced Millennium Copyright Act

Notice. We regard the licensed innovation freedoms of others and we request that you do likewise. Assuming you are a copyright proprietor or a specialist of a copyright proprietor and accept that any substance on the Services encroaches. Upon your copyrights, you might present a warning as per the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”) by reaching our Copyright.

An assertion by you that you have a decent confidence conviction that the utilization of those materials isn’t approved by the copyright proprietor, its representative, or the law.

An assertion by you that the above data in your notification is precise and that, under punishment of prevarication. You are the copyright or protected innovation proprietor or approved to follow up on the copyright or licensed innovation proprietor’s sake.

Except if the copyright proprietor documents an activity looking for a court request against the supplier of the substance. The eliminated content might be supplanted or admittance to it re-established. In 10 to 14 workdays or more after receipt of the counter-notice, in our only watchfulness.

Roblox Support

Other or Companies’ Stuff

Outsider Services. A few pieces of the Services might incorporate or make accessible substances, apparatuses, or different materials from outsiders (i.e., individuals or organizations other than Roblox) (“Third-Party Services”). 

Outsider Services Disclaimer. The client comprehends that by utilizing the Services, the User might go over Third-Party Services that (I) might be viewed as hostile. Or shocking, (ii) could possibly be distinguished as having unequivocal language. (iii) may contain connections or references to frightful material, and (iv) may not be accessible in all nations or dialects. The client consents to utilize the Services notwithstanding the obvious danger ahead. And that Roblox won’t have any responsibility to Users for content (counting Third-Party Services). That might be viewed as hostile, mistaken, illicit, inaccessible, of low quality, or in any case.

Roblox Community Standards

At Roblox, we’re assembling the metaverse, a space for individuals to experience, insight, and investigate. We’re a worldwide local area on this venture together, and we need to guarantee. Everybody feels appreciated and safe and is treated with benevolence and regard. That is the reason we’ve made these Community Standards.

Our Community Standards are coordinated into four segments


Politeness and Respect

Decency and Transparency

Security and Privacy

You could see that a portion of these standards forbid things that specific other web-based stages permit. That is a direct result of our assurance to guard Roblox as could be expected. We ask that you regard our norms – and comprehend that abusing them might bring about requirement activity against your record. We’re continuously learning, so as our local area advances and our foundation develops, these norms might change as well.

So, while utilizing Roblox, consistently make sure to be caring. For more data about the lawful connection between you and Roblox, make a beeline for our Terms of Use.

We like your participation with these principles and obligation to make Roblox a protected and conscious space.


For our metaverse to flourish, the Roblox people group should have a good sense of reassurance as well as be genuinely protected. We can accomplish this by regarding each other’s private data and Roblox’s wellbeing frameworks, and by keeping Roblox records and frameworks secure. This segment depicts how players and makers should treat others’ data and advanced security. For data regarding how Roblox handles your own data, if it’s not too much trouble, visit the Privacy Policy.

To keep a safe metaverse, Roblox doesn’t allow:

Unapproved Access

We deny any action that is utilized to acquire unapproved admittance to Roblox’s frameworks or records, as well as undermining or empowering such action. This incorporates:

Involving VPNs to cover your area to acquire unapproved admittance to the Roblox stage, a particular component, or another client’s record

Endeavoring to hack another client’s record.

Sending off any kind of cyberattack.

Abusing Roblox Systems

Roblox keeps up with numerous frameworks to keep our clients free from any and all harm, and we forbid endeavors to sidestep these frameworks or in any case, disregard our foundation security prerequisites.

This incorporates:

Endeavoring to get precluded content supported by our balanced group.

Opening new records to sidestep an implementation activity taken against a past record.

Utilizing bots that are customized to run problematic, enormous scope assignments.

Re-transferring beforehand directed substance.

Neglecting to involve required strategy APIs you would say.

Dishonestly revealing different clients or encounters, or empowering others to do as such

Attacking or flooding encounters or gatherings with an end goal to annihilate the experience or its standing.

Roblox Economy

Roblox keeps up with the Robux framework for everybody’s advantage and happiness. To keep it secure, a few employments of Robux are not allowed, including:

Utilizing outsider administrations to sell, exchange, or offer Robux. This doesn’t matter to Roblox gift vouchers.

Limited time codes that erroneously give off an impression of being presented by Roblox itself

Improper utilization of the gathering payout framework, remembering offering installment for Robux for going about as a model for resources, joining gatherings, alluding to individuals, or pretending in encounters.

You additionally may not utilize outsider administrations or items to sell, either straightforwardly or as a pack.

Politeness AND RESPECT

We anticipate that all Robloxians should treat each other with generosity. This implies endeavoring to be affable and deferential in your associations in general. To support this climate, Roblox restricts.

Roblox Support

Experience Passes

Passes, similar to VIP shirts, give players exceptional advantages and capacities in encounters. These additional capacities can be anything, from super strength or speed to an exceptional thing the advantages ultimately depend on the experience maker.

Robux procured from Passes are set in a forthcoming status for as long as seven days prior to being paid to the record. This forthcoming status is called escrow. You can actually look at your forthcoming deals by reviewing your Summary Transaction Tab. Moreover, similarly, as with all deals, these assets will be dependent upon an exchange expense.


How do you contact Roblox?

Dial 888-858-2569 to call Roblox client care.

The Roblox client care line is accessible 24 hours every day, 7 days per week. It utilizes a mechanized menu framework and will expect you to leave a voice message with your record data before they get back to you. The client care number is complementary.

Does Roblox have live chat?

ROBLOX live visit will be accessible to each of our 13 years of age and over individuals.

What is a Roblox support ticket?

Roblox Support (otherwise called Roblox Customer Care) is a framework where a player can email Roblox staff for help and get a reaction from them. Players get client service tickets not long after sending their solicitations.

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