Shadowgun Legends Mod APK
Shadowgun Legends Mod APK

Shadowgun Legends Mod APK (Unlimited Money/Gold) Free Download


App name Shadowgun Legends
Current Version 1.1.9
Requires Android 6.0 and up
1 day ago
Rating 4.3
Rating Count 346578
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Shadowgun Legends Mod APK is one of the most popular and longest-running action games created by the developers of MADFINGER. It is one of the best shooting and FPS games, which you can play on both Android devices and on PC. You can also play many real-time PvP battles in multiplayer mode. You will step into the mysterious world of not humans, of those who belong to a new world- a series of aliens. The universe is to be attacked, and the only and last way of defense is the Shadowgun legendary warriors or armors.

Shadowgun Legends Mod APK

Here you need to fight against the alien annexation, a sci-fi world in Shadowgun legends. You as an armor need to protect the universe from the attack as they keep some evil attention against us. There are 700 kinds of deadly weapons available in the game, in addition to this, a large number of armor pieces are inside the game too. It is a stupendous f2p online shooter game with enthralling graphics and next-level hypnotizing gameplay which dives you into the oceans of Shadowgun legends. Hence, you can participate in the game as a single, duel, 4×4, or join a team of players from around the world.

Shadowgun Legends Mod APK Gameplay

The main content of the game is a war of warriors to save the universe from the evil eye of aliens as you know stickman legends mod apk game. Certainly, it is one the best mobile games loved for years with the super graphics ever. Shadowgun Legends is a sci-fi story that gives you an attractive visual that keeps your intent and more focused on the game. The game begins with a war between the aliens and the legends, which are the last hopes for the universe.

Shadowgun Legends Mod APK Gameplay

You will be having a huge collection of gigantic weapons and you have to choose the right one to shoot them dead. The more you progress and keep winning the battles, you will be rewarded with money and much more. You can also use the money for the upgrade of armor dresses, skins, and purchasing weapons such as pistols, rifles, and much more.  

Shadowgun Legends Mod APK Features

The plot of the game has depth

Shadowgun Legends Mod APK is a sci-fi story that sets the content of wars between humans and aliens. Once you begin, you will be guided throughout the game and can use amazing maps in Among Us games and features and customize armors. When not on a mission you can simply chat with your friends.

 Expeditious Campaign

There are 200 different missions that are to be played on 4 unique types of planets. Where you have to save humanity from the intruder in the epic battles.

Shadowgun Legends Mod APK Real-Time Battles

You need to face your opponent with extreme power in multi-player modes and extraordinary PvP battles.

Huge collection of weapons

The players must know which weapon to pick at the right time, a variety of deadly weapons are stored up such as shotguns, firearms, submachine guns, automatic rifles, and rocket launchers.

Perfect FPS game

You can get the best FPS shooter game experience, and it’s a role-playing game. Hereby, you need to make use of each feature where you will be having optimized controls to play easily.

Shadowgun Legends Mod APK Multiple modes

The elemental mode of the game is a Story mode, where you battle in the given missions. In addition to that, there is anticipated mode and boss mode; where you play PvP competence versus the skills of other players in the game.

Infinite customization options

There are more than 1000 lovable armor pieces, which you can customize it according to your choice. Choose your style- create your own armor piece and have fun same as league of stickman mod apk.

Shadowgun Legends Mod APK Features/Hacks

High-end graphics

Shadowgun Legends Mod APK fp2 shooter online game has got breathtaking graphics that erase the lines bounded by console and mobile gaming.

Campaigns with thrilling stories

You need to shoot down alien dead to save humankind in the epic story of the game. You have 200+ missions revolving around 4 diverse planets.  Every mission can be played with ease and loaded with a bulk of adventure and action.

Defy different players

Assuming you’re exhausted with PvE, change to PvP for a totally new trade. Since this is the social affair place for different players all over the planet, meet them in bars or shops to make companions and community together in numerous mind-boggling fights. Once in a while make an honest effort and fabricate a methodology with your partners in group mode. There are various techniques, yet the most well-known is as yet scoring. The group with the most kills inevitably will win. Other than adding sociality, the PvP modes likewise further develop your coordination abilities with others. Track down your incredible group and hit the major associations.

The plot has profundity

 The game beginnings with a battle in the middle of the champions and the foundation of quite possibly the most destructive outsider animal. At the consummation of the underlying screen, you’ll be given a person’s custom skin tone, hair, and human style, and begin the outing of genuine space champions.

Join with the space battle the focal point of a city in space, you’ll track down Slade to consent to an arrangement and begin turning out to be a Shadowgun. Right now, you’ll have to begin the journey for space undertaking and ruin the outsider animals. Whenever you’re free, you can return to the city and mess about here, chatting with different players.


SHADOWGUN LEGENDS is a well-known internet game with a first-individual point of view that carries the most bona fide experience to players. The player is a youngster in the Shadowguns protection line; they are altogether amazing heroes to humankind. The player’s undertaking is to annihilate outsiders through many missions that the game has given on 3 unique planets. With such countless missions, it will assist players with satisfying their battling desires, the more troublesome it is to play. 

The higher the level, the more prominent the number of outsiders going after; they rush towards the player, in contrast to the first, only a couple of something else. Not halting there, the higher their solidarity and battle energy, the harder they are.  In this manner, if it’s not too much trouble, make use and concentrate exceptionally to have the option to accomplish high outcomes right from the main game screen.


Support, however, players can likewise challenge numerous different players on various of all shapes and sizes missions. While testing, there are numerous decisions; it very well may be a 1-in-1 fight or between groups playing against one another. The quantity of colleagues really depends on 4 individuals.  The ideal opportunity has arrived; we should place your name in the rankings, and become a VIP in the Shadowgun universe. With extreme shooting fights, players have felt worried about honorable assignments; SHADOWGUN LEGENDS gives players a diversion screen; this is the most uncommon element of the game contrasted with different rounds of a similar kind. Players welcome their companions to the areas around Shadowgun, partake in clamoring parties, and rich bars, unwind together, and submerge in energetic glasses of wine,

60+ Beautiful Armor Sets, Fully Customizable, Paints, Skins, Stickers

Gather north of 1000 protection pieces, observe all Paint jars, Skins, and Stickers, and construct your own one-of-a-kind-looking reinforcement sets.

Exciting story crusade

Perhaps the best part of the Shadowgun Legends game is its exhilarating story crusade. The clients will play as the most destructive heavy armament specialist in this game and complete in excess of 100 testing levels with various trouble modes. You need to wipe out strong adversaries by utilizing an assortment of weapons, abilities, contraptions, and capacities that can be opened during the interactivity.

What Users Say About Shadowgun Legends Mod Apk

This is a tomfoolery game. Helps me to remember Destiny, Borderlands, and other shoot and plunder games. The controls are additionally extremely dynamic. For a ton of versatile shooters I’ve played it’s difficult to point and hit targets. Yet, in this game, there’s an auto shoot highlight that makes your personality naturally shoot once you are focusing on an objective. This permits you to zero in additional on avoiding assaults and pointing as opposed to distorting your fingers to point, shoot, and move simultaneously. Fun game! Certainly worth an attempt

This game is hazardously near the desert spring. I totally love it and play it utilizing an Xbox regulator on the lgg8x, it runs immaculately. Coming up short on a leap or hunch control, yet there hasn’t been anything in the story(that I have seen up until this point) that requires things like this. Truly, simply wonderful ongoing interaction. Can be pay to win from what I have seen, despite the fact that I have adhered to the storyline. Follows no plot that I can see, yet definitely an absolute necessity for a first-individual shooter.

WHAT’S NEW In This Version?

Bug fixed!

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Get awards for their strategy to play with our edge of qualification, every action demonstrates the greater notoriety, the more amazing the effect of their exercises.

Shadowgun Legends is a cutting-edge redirection that sends diversions for adaptable solace stages.

Battle against the torture, the extraterrestrial peril that annihilates the framework in its manner.

As Shadowgun joins, you should make the best hero with numerous weapons, numerous abilities, countless safeguard sections, and an astounding gathering of perspectives and enhancements.

It treasures reputation and values the existence of the most perceived heroes of the universe leaving your spot ever.

Whenever you are not practicing marksmanship you can unwind with your partners in the neighborhood of Shadowgun, meet various players, visit the bar, visit, and talk with the NPCs.

Download Shadowgun Legends MOD APK for Android

With up to 1 GB of establishment space, Shadowgun Legends is most certainly a designed hero that you can not disregard. With energizing interactivity, invigorating pretending highlights, and multiplayer modes, Shadowgun Legends makes certain to turn into a hot game soon.


We have referenced all data of the Shadowgun Legends mod apk. We are giving you the mod variant of the application. In this mod, you will get all of the application’s top-class works liberated from expense. Get all stuff opened for yourself and partake in a special encounter. Assuming you need any further assistance from us or face any inconveniences eventually of arrangement or have any imperative inquiries, give us your comments entire information. Much obliged to you

Personal Review

It has extreme potential to be a great game. I love this game. I love the graphics and the storyline. It’s challenging and has awesome weapons. Honestly, whoever doesn’t like this game probably had some type of problem with their phone or Wi-Fi. Because this game is to fire the only suggestion I would make would be to add a feature where you can see who you recently played with on coop. Love the intense music in levels. I think the game is very fun, but it definitely takes way too long to unlock multi-player PVP.


Are Shadowgun legends offline or online to play?  

Shadowgun Legends Mod APK is an Android and iOS game, which can be played online and offline and is free to play.

Which is the best weapon in Shadowgun legends Mod APK to use?  

As we know there are a number of weapons, which are classified into many categories, the best in the auto. Rifles; are named Shadow.

Can you play Shadowgun Legends on PC?

SHADOWGUN LEGENDS is an Action game created by MADFINGER Games. BlueStacks application player is the best stage to play this Android game on your PC or Mac for a vivid gaming experience.

Is Shadowgun Legends on steam?

Shadowgun Legends is a first-individual shooter with RPG components and MMO highlights made for cell phones. Shadowgun Legends on Steam Games.

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