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Soul knight mod apk is dungeon crawler game with beautiful RPG and 2D pixel graphics. conquered the world from aliens and retrieve the magical stone using heroes and diverse weapons.
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App name Soul Knight
Current Version 4.0.1
Requires Android 4.4 and up
Updated 1 day ago
Rating 4.3
Rating Count 142018
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Price Free
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Soul Knight Mod APK is a dungeon crawler game with beautiful RPG and 2D pixel graphics. You will enjoy each of the missions set for the players in the game. To be more precise, you will be attracted to the charismatic gameplay and the game’s amazing features. Hereby, the players are assigned to save the world from being extinct due to problems heading towards the globe. The story begins in a way where a magic stone that maintains the balance of the world has been stolen by the aliens.

Find it so that you get back the stone in its original form. The disadvantage in the game keeps on emerging and distracts from knowing what to do. There are many several kinds of weapons that will be used by the players in many spectacular missions. Soul knight is an old-school arcade-style gaming platform that requires quick reactions. The game will give updates for elements weekly such as weapons, characters, skills, and new bosses same as the best game ball blast mod apk.

Soul Knight Mod APK

Soul Knight Mod APK Gameplay

Unlike other games, this game has got a bit of difficult and challenging gameplay. Also, the game’s storyline is similar to the one “Enter the Dungeon”; you will find similarities if ever experienced playing this game. Your task is just to defeat all the enemies in the game using special heroes. And each one of the characters has got special abilities that can be exploited. Use different weapons to defeat, avoid bullets, Stealth enemies’ power, and many other capabilities. Some characters in the game can be activated using gems. Lastly, on winning each level you will get a buff that will benefit you in your next level.


Huge weapon arsenal

There are about 270+ weapons that are actually not possible to play with them all. Choose the best weapon to bring back to the island in the same place. Just a minute of distraction leads you to lose, so pay attention until the end of the level.

Every character is a hero

Characters in this game are known as heroes. To face the aliens of different genres, you have many choices from characters; the better the choice the better the role-playing character. And after each update for your character, it becomes stronger and faster and skills will cool down sooner.

Retrieve the magic stone

The main task is to retrieve the magic stone which begins from levels 3 to 6. The game introduces the players to three different categories that contain five levels each. Moreover, as the game proceeds the levels keep on becoming difficult and stimulating. On defeating the boss, tremendous rewards are listed such as buffs and drop rare weapons.

Enhance your battle skills with buffs

You can enhance your character skills using buffs that make the players stronger and more flexible. Buffs appear after every three levels in an attempt and a maximum of three appears randomly. Besides buffs, the players also receive blessings when praying to the statues. These blessings also give the player the same ability, but can only be activated when the player uses a skill.

Upgrade stronghold for development

The Player’s stronghold is the place for hero selection and a place to access other game modes other than a dungeon crawler. Also, you can upgrade the overall stats of your characters. And if the player picks something more than eight times the workshop will spawn new things. The blueprint machine will be the area to create your own random or rare weapons and shortly, there are tons of things that players can do in the stronghold.

All heroes/unlocked characters

There are many super and powerful heroes in the game like sonic dash 2 and you might need a lot of real money to unlock and upgrade your characters. But it is not possible for every weak player, so hereby we introduce to you this amazing feature where you get all the heroes unlocked along with their special skills and abilities.

Soul Knight Mod Apk god mod

Gives you access to completely damage the enemy using your utmost skills and power-ups. 

Soul Knight Mod Apk Mod Menu

It is all about getting free and unlimited money and gems which are required to unlock many things and upgrade your characters. Also, this mod features an add-free gaming platform so enjoy it enthusiastically.                                                                                                       

Soul Knight Mod Apk for Android

This game is made available for Android users with all the exciting features enabled.

Multiplayer mode alluring

If you have any desire to play with companions, Soul Knight can uphold you without any problem. Just by associating with Wifi or through Bluetooth, numerous players can collaborate with one another all the more without any problem. As a matter of fact, this is additionally a component that is dubious in light of the fact that numerous players are not close to one another, they can not play together. 


At the point when you experience these chests, you certainly shouldn’t overlook them for the overwhelming majority of various reasons. Simultaneously, it is additionally a chance for you to arrive at additional strong weapons like bazookas with incredible damaging power. 


At the point when you experience Soul Knight, you will unquestionably not overlook the number of characters and weapons that you can open and claim. Simultaneously, every weapon will have various qualities in battling the chief or killing the adversaries rapidly in each space to go to the enhanced one. Accordingly, you will pick a person who will in general be a tank or make due to battle the chief.


Buffs are the things that make players more grounded and more adaptable, and they will show up after every three levels in an endeavor. Be that as it may, just a limit of three buffs will show up haphazardly, and players can pick one of the three. Buffs come from level fulfillment as well as be gotten through vendors or candy machines. Other than buffs, there are additional favors, which are gotten after the player has implored the sculptures. The sculptures are displayed to a person, and they will favor the player with a similar capacity, yet must be actuated each time the player utilizes the ability.


What satisfies gamers isn’t just the interactivity or control framework, weapons. The person’s open component additionally brings many new encounters, staying away from weariness. In particular, after each game opening, the framework will naturally welcome you to the get-together spot of legends.

As shared, the person class in Soul Knight is incredibly assorted. Hence, where “Legends unite”, you can open the person. Surely, to open, you should have cash. Thus, to encounter new characters, make sure you have sufficient cash. Plus, remember that for certain characters, you can possess them when you have genuine cash. Specifically, subsequent to redesigning the person, you will be added a lot of helpful details.

Arrangement of gold coins, diamonds

The money framework in the system game Soul Knight incorporates 2 sorts of diamonds and gold. Each type will have different endlessly utilizes. For gold, players can utilize it to enlist warriors or put resources into essential help things. With jewels – top-of-the-line structure, harder to find, used to purchase and update characters.

Instructions to introduce Soul Knight MOD APK

To introduce Soul Knight MOD APK, you want to play out certain means: Download the APK record beneath the article.

Introduce the APK and trust that the interaction will finish.

Open and experience the game with the entire framework opened.

Download Soul Knight MOD APK for Android

Basic, simple to play but incredibly alluring, that is the overall evaluation of Soul Knight. If you have any desire to know how alluring Soul Knight is, download the game and give it a shot.

Personal Review

Great game! It’s really fun even if you don’t spend any money. It works online and offline too, where all the ads are optional. Personally, my favorite part of the game is how the spawn system works. In a lot of games, you have to watch the ad immediately before you can spawn again, but with this game, you can pick if you want to go back to the start, pay a very reasonable amount of gems to continue, or watch an ad at the end of the run. Having the ad at the end really helps to not disrupt the gameplay


Q1) Can we play Soul Knight game without an internet connection? 

Ans: Yes, absolutely this game is playable offline, but so of its features may not be unlocked which for you may need an internet connection.

Q2) Is it a multiplayer game? And if yes then how many members can play at a time?  

Ans: Yes, this game can be enjoyed on multiplayer mode, and multiplayer mode can be accessed from the starting display screen. And only four members can play at a time and have fun.


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