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App name Stick War Legacy
Current Version 2022.1.3
Requires Android 4.4 and up
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The game Stick War Legacy Mod APK game is becoming more and more popular all over the world. its features include excellent graphics and other prominent characters. In stick war legacy there are also various game challenges. In this game, you take on the challenges of controlling your army and their units, including the challenges posed by formation and others. You have taken full charge of the Stick war legacy game. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore Flash gaming and stick war gaming. Are you ready to fight your enemies? Id so, assure us that will be able to fully enjoy this game through your mobile device.

Also, download the game first to know about the features and characters of the Stick war legacy mod apk game, and also you know about dude theft wars mod apk. Games like Stick man legends, Stickman Revenge, or Stick man Fight have gained popularity and gained a high status in the world. You will also learn about the Stick war legacy mod apk game. The game is published by Max Game Studios and the game is designed with strategy in the mind.

Stick War Legacy Mod APK

Stick War Legacy Mod APK Gameplay

Stepping into the gameplay, you will find that you have entered a Monstrous world that includes many powerful empires and buildings. You will learn their culture with the help of your weapons. You are the sole heir to the country of your arrival, meaning you will always prioritize peace while demonstrating your ability and compassion. That is why there is a very dangerous situation in your country. For the development of your society, you build a strong army which is now called the military force. Save your country by using weapons to become the center of interest of all your people.

You will be the sole heir of an Order Nations. Enemies in the castle are ready to attack you at any time. You will first have to prepare your army and attack these enemies. Bad enemies are always trying to take over your Kingdom. On the way to different roads, you will form your army unit and occupy different stations so that you can further weaken your enemy. And also get a gold mine into your kingdom same as the zombie gunship survival mod apk.

Stick War Legacy Mod APK Features

Save your Kingdom

Enemy neighbors have countless weapons in this game and the people of your country don’t particularly like weapons. But you will use your weapons to restore your country’s economy and peace. And you will be the king of this country through your army. While strategizing the game, you take control not of one character but of the entire army of soldiers. Through your strategy, you form different teams and prepare your soldiers including swordsmen, magicians, and giants. You will perform other magical miracles through the giants, due to which you will get a lot of weapons and will be able to defeat the enemy by arranging them properly.

Stick war legacy mod apk Download

Stick War Legacy Mod APK hack download

The game has a classic mode that you can use to take part in exciting battles and become the kind of Inamorta. Taking part in various tournaments after downloading the game is how to keep Stick War Legacy Mod APK army alive in the world of Zombies. You can play your tournament online with other players from around the world.

Unlimited money and gems

Keep working on different gold mines and keep exploiting your resources so you can build a strong army. Stick War legacy mod apk game, has to have the economic potential to strengthen the military through which you are intimately connected to the real-world military powers. As much as they have the financial resources, you can make a huge investment in your armies like them. There are many mineral deposits in the area as well as a large number of those that your work support. Now work day and night through them and exploit the resources to extract gold from various reserves.

Upgrade Mines

Yes, in the same way continue to upgrade the miners on a daily basis so that you can get more gold from these reserves. Work is only improving the economic situation of the country. In addition to the gold mines in the country, you are introduced to the monitor unit in the Stick War Legacy Mod APK game.


Survival is a turning point in the game in which your devise strategies to avoid zombie attacks. In the same way, the game is very fast when you try to win the battles, you kill all the zombies with your best stack fighting techniques.

Download Stick war legacy mod apk IOS/Android

Stick War Legacy Mod APK for IOS/Android

You are shown a clear picture of all the players in the game with funny effects. Game stick war legacy mod apk, the characteristics of all the players in the game are very high in which the players describe all the characters from fierce battles. Attacking all the enemies of the game first means you scare them so much that they retreat from the game. Click the download button above and enjoy the Stick war legacy mod apk game and also let the world know that you are their real King.

Endurance Mode

The game will be quick moving and you should conjure your better stick battling procedures to win the fight.

Competition Mode

Competition mode provokes you to confront many challenges in savage fights. 

Strangely, every one of your rivals will be PC-created (Artificial Intelligence) equipped. Nonetheless, you’ll just face AI rivals that are inside your degree of aptitude.

Crusade Mode

This mode is situated in the realm of Inamorta which neighbors exceptionally egotistical countries that segregate themselves from your domain. All things considered, they are given to propelling their innovation and developments to rule different nations.

In this mode, each nation will have unmistakable techniques for shielding its domain. Every country accepts such a huge amount in their weapons and battling strategies that are not entirely settled to confer these procedures to different nations.

Shield the realm

In Stick War: Legacy, you will be a supreme ruler of a realm by reason and harmony. Weapons, viciousness, and war are not your styles. Notwithstanding, adjoining nations have a present-day weapons industry and consistently need to attack your realm.

Mod Features

  • The latest version of the Stick War Legacy Mod APK game
  • Unlimited Everything for all the game
  • Unlimited new skins for the characters
  • There are unlimited gold in mines
  • Stick War Legacy Chest Money
  • Unlimited Tournaments
  • Unlimited Infinity Fan Pack
  • Easy Touch control system
  • Different missions
  • Collect Our team of armies
  • Unlimited campaign mod

Personal Review

Stick war legacy mod apk game is really very interesting and delicious. After downloading the game, I trained my soldiers against enemies and saved their world, and become king there. I wiped out all the zombies that got in my way by erasing them from the page. Woo, it’s really amazing. We are all proud of this game because of its amazing different interesting missions.


Is there a mod for Stick war legacy?

Stick war legacy is a very popular game all over the world and also has a lot of colors. Download the latest version of the game here which is 103 MB in size.

Is Stick war legacy good game?

Stick War Legacy Mod APK game, is making a lot of progress in real-time. The game has most interesting entertainment venues and a lot of content is also included.

How to download and play Stick War legacy Mod APK game on PC?

Complete the first, BlueStacks Software download on your PC window or Laptop. Then go to the search bar of our website, type the name of the game and search. Stick war legacy game will appear in front of you. Just one click to download on your PC and play the game with interesting features.

When was stick war legacy released?

Game was released on October 30, 2015 and is owned by Max Game Studios.

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