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App name Stickman Legends
Current Version 2.6.9
Requires Android 5.0 and up
1 day ago
Rating Count 489123
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Price Free

A Stickman legends Mod APK is a role-playing fighting game, with lots of player vs. player (PvP) battles. The game is set in a horizontal action platform of the two worlds: dark world and light world. We know that dark represents evil, sorrow, and loss, whereas, the light refers to faith, peace, and hope. In this game, the warriors need to bring light and hope to humanity. They can do it by living in the dark and fighting with demons, monsters, or zombies. As the night falls, the evil rises up to destroy the light and humanity forever. As a warrior, you need to show up your abilities of skilled combat and fight with the demons, as they are attacking constantly.

Stickman legends Mod APK

You need to conquer the dark world and bring light to people, for which, you need to fight dozens of battles. You will be using many spectacular kinds of weapons from knives to heavy artillery, to battle. Each level will be a dynamic battle against your evil opponent. There are unlimited features inside the game, which makes it more interesting and thrilling. The surprising part is, the game can be played on both modes either with the internet or without an internet connection.

Stickman legends APK

Stickman legends Hack APK

Stickman legends apk provides the players with unlimited money like Real Gangster Crime Mod APK Game and unlocked characters. You can use the money to purchase all the items in the store, and the more you spend the more money it continues to increase. In this hack mod also you will get many characters unlocked previously, which you can choose on your own and absolutely free to play. You will also be able to customize your warrior and upgrade it as per your choice. In every shadow battle, you need to fight to win by crushing down the evil opponent. In Stickman Legends Apk, you are given an option to enjoy the game with an internet connection and offline too.

Stickman Legends APK Gameplay

Stickman legends, the shadow of wars is a role-playing and action combat game. The gameplay is much faster and the one that drives you crazy. You will fight numerous PvP battles, so you need super skills to fight with your enemies. You will be attacked by your enemies constantly until you take your last breath. Therefore, you need to develop your fighting skills and improvise the ability to stay back the undead. The Warrior’s indispensable requirements are the weapons, which help them out to defeat their enemies on the battlefield. In the game, your strength power line keeps on increasing as power is unlimited Same as Kick The Buddy Mod APK.

Over time, you gain experience and win the levels, you as a player become more powerful and get skilled. There are difficult levels that you need to win. You need to smash down all the monsters and zombies as well as their leader, who appears at any point of the game. To stay longer in the fighting process, you can lift up the fallen items frequently.  The difficult game levels are divided into five incremental levels.

stickman legends mod apk

Features Of Stickman legends APK

There are many modes in the game. Classic mode, infinity tower mode, time attack mode, and trick game. Surely you will enjoy the trick mode of this game. The game has easy controls which can be easily understood even by beginners. You can upgrade unlimited items such as characters in the game and can purchase any item like gems, gold, and stamina. Warriors can use special abilities and weapons to defend their enemy and fight many PvP battles.                        

The sound effects in this game are upgraded and very thrilling chills up your mood. playing. It is an optimized and balanced game that gives you a smooth-moving platform to play.


Stickman Legends will present an exuberant weapon-production framework for each unique person class, and players can utilize a wide range of materials. Besides, extra weapons in the stock can be reused into materials, permitting players to make new things with more noteworthy proficiency and power. Other than creating, they can likewise redesign their fundamental impacts or details to further develop battle execution.


Other than the weapon-making framework, the game’s personality framework has profundity for players to overhaul abilities or combos. Through that framework, players can learn or open all the more new satisfies to build the strength of the characters and their capability in battle. It will consistently present more person update mechanics, and the player’s advancement can transform them progressively.

Stickman Legends: Shadow Offline Fighting Games DB

On the off chance that players could do without the default fight arrangement of the ongoing interaction, then Stickman Legends will present a field framework for them to move different players to a continuous fight. They generally give players expected adversaries, however, the AI ​​will control them and make players lament their obsolete battling styles. Conversely, the prizes coming from the field are liberal, providing players with a ton of development in all character regions.

The diversion from the high-paced ongoing interaction of Stickman Legends vows to give players the most moving and invigorating experience while battling all foes. It likewise presents additional extraordinary frameworks, giving players more choices to foster themselves to their maximum capacity and greatness after some time.


At the point when the fight starts, every ninja needs to fend off the risky beast that are continually going after him. Whenever you need to hack them, cut them utilize the extraordinary controls on the right base side to kill or try not to get killed.


You will be staggered with the realistic and audio cues of this game. Be a legend, do a few insane strong wizardries, and consume the murkiness world. Shrewdly use the controls for battling with the greatest impact!


Appreciate using the numerous updates in the best RPG games. A few beasts are very risky and you will require more remarkable weapons than the beginning ones. Redesign the assault, reinforcement, wellbeing, and basic in the best RPG to be endlessly better in each level!

Limitless ITEMS

Champions can likewise utilize unique capacities and weapons to annihilate the beast quicker like blades, arrow-based weaponry… in every legend.


Take your heroes game to the top by engaging in a shrewd and capable manner. Make companions all around the world with ninja games and contend your ninja with your companions.

Make character

You are playing out a mission that is significant to mankind. Hence, any person who partakes in the battle against beasts is known as a legend. Make characters, then, at that point, pretending, and battling is the main thing you want to do at Stickman Legends. Shido, Bernald Griggs, Ignite, … go with them to higher levels. 

Moment Win Stage

Stickman Legends Mod Menu has a decent component where you can in a flash win the stage without taking any kind of action, assuming you are stuck on a phase on specific trouble you can utilize this to clear that stage without any problem.

To utilize this include you need to empower this prior to begin the stage.

Day to day Updates

We will continue to refresh our Stickman Legends Mod Menu Apk, Keep adding new highlights to it and make it viable with the most recent variant. You don’t need to stand by months to refresh your Stickman Legends mod apk, we will refresh our mod inside the space of hours after the new arrival of the game. you can without much of a stretch download the refreshed adaptation of the mod and introduce it on your versatile to refresh your game to the most recent rendition!

Numerous upgradable things and weapons

To drive up your legends and make the battling ongoing interaction more pleasant, Stickman Legends likewise gives numerous things and weapons to you to unreservedly make utilizations of. Here, you can easily outfit your legends with numerous determinations of gear. Appreciate different battling styles from your chosen characters and your prepared things. What’s more, above all, the included updates will continuously ensure that you can have your legends at their fullest power.

Conflict with vast rushes of adversaries in challenge mode

Alongside the invigorating in-game journeys, Android gamers can begin to play around with the energizing in-game difficulties, which will permit you to conflict with vast influxes of undead foes. Go ahead and select your favored degrees of trouble and begin to play around with the wonderful portable title as you progress. Open the vast rushes of terrible foes as you take on definitive battling difficulties in Stickman Legends. Battle against undead foes and partake in the vast levels until you can no more.

Stickman Legends screen 2

Appreciate energizing Arena fights with different rivals

Presently, with the astonishing Arena fights in Stickman Legends being accessible, Android gamers will get their opportunities to enter the Arena and begin their definitive battling interactivity. Go ahead and flaunt your battling abilities, as you set up the clashes of Stickman Legends in various matchups and with fluctuated rivals, each offering its own interesting interactivity. Also that the magnificent prizes will likewise ensure that you can partake in the game without limit.

Contend with web-based gamers in positioned matchups

Presently, with the internet’s ongoing interaction of Stickman Legends accessible, Android gamers will get their opportunities to take on definitive battling interactivity with many fascinating and engaging encounters. Go ahead and make companions all around the world and join each other in positioned matchups. Contend and acquire your first places in the cutthroat contests. Furthermore, consistently partake in your magnificent awards with the astounding universe of Stickman Legends.

An RPG-PVP game 

In each class, you will get an alternate situation, mission, and abilities. The Trick mode is similarly troublesome from different modes since you will get numerous adversary assaults, boundaries, and the ability to go high points and low points.

Besides, Every person has an alternate range of abilities and powers and has a place with explicit classes like bowmen, professional killers, trackers, and some more. All you want is to pick the strong warrior with upgraded ability and weapons to overcome your rivals in a matter of moments. When you enter the battle, there will be no way of getting back to your country until you win the conflict.

Download the enchanted rendition

To support your certainty, ability, and to help in the excursion of saving mankind, We concocted Stickman Legends Mod Apk, which will give double the tomfoolery and undertakings as opposed to different forms. 

Divine Weapon

As an activity game with exceptionally sensational matches, weapons are imperative in Stickman Legends Mod. Weapons convey the force of the divine beings with antiquated weapons with incredibly high assault power, for example, laser firearms, lances, blades, swords, hammers. Every weapon has its own benefits and detriments relying upon your decision. Additionally, the strength of the fighter will likewise have no restriction, over the long run through the fight the strength can become unending. Alongside that, each time you kill beasts, your champion will get experience focuses to step up, then, at that point, you will acquire all the more impressive abilities.

Different characters

Stickman Legends Mod has a different and incredibly amazing person framework and heroes having incomparable power partitioned into numerous classifications including Assassins, champions, bowmen, entertainers, and so on like Elite Archer Hunter, Lion-Hearted Swordsman, Powerful Mage, Dark-Hunter Legend, and so on Each character will have various attributes, players need to practice and update the hero’s abilities to create. foster battle capacities. For instance, a toxophilite who enjoys the benefit of going after from a good way or a professional killer who has extraordinary harm at short proximity will make the foe be obliterated right away.

Warriors Of Stickman legends

There are six characters in the game stickman legends shadow of wars. All have got amazing and unique abilities to fight with the enemies. You have to choose the best warriors and upgrade your other warriors as well so that you win. The characters are labeled as KNIGHT, HAMMER, ARCHER, WARRIOR, MAGICIAN, and GUNNER.

Personal Review

The graphics are great. The characters are cool & have stylish skills. Only play this game if you like the warrior class and nothing else. There are also combos and abilities. The abilities lines seem complicated but are simple, the choices on which line to choose and what abilities you want are tough. But either way, they give you an advantage. PvP is also fun as you battle other players and see what they choose, all the monsters are really cool. There is also survival where you need to last as long as possible.


Q. Is this safe to download and play?  

Ans: yes, it is bug minimized and completely safe to play and download.

Q. how can we play stickman legends pk?        

 Ans: the game is not that hard but it is easy to play. You can press the control buttons on your game display screen and have fun.

Q. can we play the game offline?  

Ans: you can enjoy the game on both manners either with internet or without after installing. And suggests you to download the mod version as it gives you unlimited items.


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