Top 10 New WhatsApp Tracker Apps for Android (Which Is The Best) 2023

WhatsApp is taken as an unlimited and alpha variant stage. It approves you to dispatch interactive media messages including messages, voice/video calls.
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WhatsApp is taken as an unlimited and alpha variant stage. It approves you to dispatch interactive media messages including messages, voice/video calls, and numerous other kinds of archives. WhatsApp is the top most fitting method for connecting with your amigos and you should have safeguarding information associated with work WhatsApp.

WhatsApp has the choice to introduce it by being liberated from cost. WhatsApp is presently controlled by Facebook. Nearly it has 2 billion servers across the world and has a place in 180 states. This application has sent off in the time of 2009 with a collaborator of ex-Hurray representatives. In the start, WhatsApp was worked by little organization. However, later extended to 250,000 servers within several months. It got acclaim speedily that WhatsApp makers began cost for working help every year to decrease membership costs bottom ward. In the extended period of 2014 WhatsApp acquired quick prevalence. Furthermore, has seen tireless development, moving toward 2 billion in 2022.

What are wonderful WhatsApp trackers for your smart/Android phones?

Top 10 New WhatsApp Tracker Apps for Android
Top 10 New WhatsApp Tracker Apps for Android

The following are viewed as the top 10 tracker applications for your WhatsApp.

The First is the Kidslox WhatsApp tracker

And the second is the ESET WhatsApp tracker

And you may also know Webwatcher WhatsApp tracker

The best WhatsApp tracker is Whazzak WhatsApp tracker

Log what WhatsApp tracker

Hoverwatch WhatsApp tracker

IKey Screen WhatsApp tracker

Highster WhatsApp tracker

Copy9 WhatsApp tracker

WaStat – WhatsApp tracker

Kidslox WhatsApp Tracker:

It assists guardians to plan their children along a conventional way of behaving in the mechanical world.

Advantages of the application:

It is a modest parental distant tracker.

•It is not difficult to work.

It is easy to download and developed.


No observing function__ kid might move toward sites that are open and you are ignorant.

No choice but to see the history of the perusing and exercises.

ESET Parental Control WhatsApp Following Application:

ESET tracker is a solid way for guardians. Everyone wishes to save their children from the harmless of advanced media as all people know better. It’s smooth to work and assists magnificent elements. These highlights approve guardians to glance over to screen exercises of children fastly and successfully.

Advantages of the application:

Can follow youngsters’ areas in a real-time frame.

An unlimited medium having boundless gadgets authentications.

Channel the entry productively.


– It isn’t really for the entire family along numerous telephone stage environments.

-No decision for impeding text and calls.

Webwatcher WhatsApp Tracker:

Top 10 New WhatsApp Tracker Apps for Android
Top 10 New WhatsApp Tracker Apps for Android

As with all trackers, you can also work with this tracker on your smartphone and iPhone. It is extremely smooth to work. You can attainably notice exercises of WhatsApp. Don’t bother being a master of innovation for it. Its most recent capabilities will offer all which you request. While it will admittance to follow exercises introduced on your chosen gadget.

Advantages of the application:

Productive to screen your child’s virtual and online entertainment standards also.

Downloading is simple; the control board and usefulness are smooth to arrange.


-No clock usefulness or site channel button.

– Expensive variant.

Whazzak WhatsApp Tracker Application:

It was planned constantly in 2017. Hurting WhatsApp of anybody without permission was made. A large number of guardians favored the application to screen their youngsters. You might introduce texts and contacts liberated from two-stage validation from whazzak tracker. It might use to hurt additionally stowed away assaults and executed the assorted sort of pail unit assault.

Advantages of the application:

It has no expense to follow WhatsApp on the web.

It is smooth to work.


-It simply has one component to follow WhatsApp as it were.

– It isn’t dependable.

Whosapp WhatsApp Tracker:

Like whazzak Tracker WhatsApp is too a virtual WhatsApp the following application. It grants you to notice the virtual status of your pals, relatives, and laborers over WhatsApp.

Permit the force warning cautions to be cautious rapidly while anyone comes to on the web.

Advantages of the application:

You can run it free of charge of cost.

No downloading is required.


– Following WhatsApp is recently restricted.

– Offering genuine status of the activity can’t.

Log what Virtual WhatsApp Following Application:

The title of this application definitely offers you a secret delegate who deals with the stowed-away objectives. Log look after whether your contacts are coming on the web and sign in to WhatsApp.

Log what the following application will give you a realistic portrayal showing the time that somebody is on the web or not. You are fit to move your subtleties altogether towards other Succeed records to filter it on PC whether you like. Certainly, along with additional equivalent applications, log what is get variety and required a membership. You can rate and break in the presentation of the application.

Hoverwatch WhatsApp following Application:

It is absolutely worked by Android telephones to follow WhatsApp. It has components to record and screen messages and sends/get recordings of content and pictures of WhatsApp. You should notice URLs and calls sharing information. It can too screen perusing web history, area following, track calls detail, and many more. The control board is smooth.

Advantages of the application:

It is tiny to download and work.

You not will undoubtedly bed uncertainty out of the gadget.


-It can’t be worked by iOS gadgets.

IKey Screen WhatsApp Following Application:

It is the best checking application for both Android and IOS gadgets.

It is incomprehensibly worked while a parental remote application. It screens the climate of WhatsApp content including texts, video/voice calls, pictures, SMS, discussion, gateways, hindering applications and games, cutoff points of screen time, hotkeys GPS and clipboard, and so on.

Advantages of the application:

You can see visits to WhatsApp and records also.

Extremely smooth to work.

It tends to be downloaded on checking gadgets and complete to work not telling the gadget holder.


– It is exorbitant and just restricted highlights are available with the expectation of complimentary preliminary.

– Just work with the web network.

– Its speed is exceptionally low.

Highster Portable WhatsApp Following Application:

Top 10 New WhatsApp Tracker Apps for Android (Which Is The Best)
Top 10 New WhatsApp Tracker Apps for Android

It is not difficult to manage and smooth work following WhatsApp. Once downloaded the application will admittance to movements of every sort which work on the device and dispatch consequences of exercises towards your virtual record straightforwardly. It bargains all from text to email and calls. Watch sight and sound in your child’s gadget likewise to hold a record of whole texts/calls. Besides, it sensibly dispatches text logs to your record. Consequently, allowing you to see texts which might have been taken out.

Advantages of the application:

It is amazing to follow applications accessible on the web.

Everything with respect to this application is smooth, containing cost, capability, server control board, and programming downloading you title it.


– It can’t be caught not many WhatsApp visits over preliminary. That is a fundamental disadvantage of application.

Copy9 WhatsApp Following Application:

Duplicate 9 is an amazing following application for Android and IOS telephones. It allows its servers to hold a hang on their kids’ schedules. It has part of the following elements which do not simply grant you to screen WhatsApp discussions and messages. However, to view messages and web-based entertainment exercises containing FB. It accumulates entire information, feeds in the logs, and dispatch to the virtual record reliably.

Advantages of the application:

Track WhatsApp texts without downloading in the wanted gadget.

It should be worked to screen WhatsApp text along with full data of your contact list by means of a text that was dispatched or got.


– It isn’t worked on all Brilliant/Android telephones.

Top Features Of Whatsapp

Erased messages from everybody working with you to make your interactive media errorless.

The most recent form of WhatsApp will likewise contain messages secretly highlight.

WhatsApp servers should answer in a bunch of visits to be functioning members.

You can now work your WhatsApp on your PC and PC too. Just you need to filter your WhatsApp web and you will gain admittance to Whatsapp.

Permit vanishing visit mode to all talks.

A bunch of calls can be organized with just chosen members.

Peruse later will be moved into chronicled talk mode.

You might get your gathering missed and get back to partake in the conversation.


What is WhatsApp Tracker?

WhatsApp tracker is a suitable medium that empowers you to check your guests on WhatsApp profiles. You should examine your contact list area by it. It is a most ideal way to educate you concerning your profile guests. You can get all insights regarding your number one contacts without upsetting their security.

Which is the best app for WhatsApp Tracker?

6 Best WhatsApp Online Tracker Application for Online Notice and Last Seen.

(1) ChatWatch (Android)

(2) WaStat WhatsApp Tracker (Android)

(3) ChatTrack Online Tracker (Android)

(4) WaLog (iOS)

(5) Whats Screen Time Tracker (iOS)

(6) OnlineNotify (iOS)

How can I track WhatsApp on Android?

AirDroid Parental Control is a telephone checking application that is a custom answer for guardians. They can utilize it to follow WhatsApp messages free of charge on their Children’s gadgets. It is a solid remote following WhatsApp and other online entertainment applications.

How can I track WhatsApp live location?

Empower area authorizations for WhatsApp in your telephone’s Settings > Applications and warnings > Progressed > Application consents > Area > turn on WhatsApp. On the other hand, assuming you as of late opened WhatsApp, you can go to your telephone’s Settings > Applications and notices > WhatsApp > Authorizations > turn On the spot.


The recently made sense following applications is the best applications. These are smooth to download, adroitly worked, cheap, easy to understand, very much established, dependable, and recognizable. Assuming you yet have no clue about how to choose, later we propose you pick any of the above following applications. We are without hesitation guarantee that it will not dishearten you.

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