War Robots Mod APK (Unlimited Money, Gold) Free On Android


App name War Robots
Current Version 8.5.1
Requires Android 5.0 and up
Updated 1 day ago
Size 143M
Rating 4.2
Rating Count 437691
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Price Free

In the War Robots Mod APK game, the invincible Titan system is provided and everything is broken in their coming routes. It is equipped with modern types of weapons. Take part in the battle of these robots to destroy other players and thus get maximum credit. Credits are given in the game because it is easy to get purchase Ironmaster. The game has great realistic graphics and musical effects. A large number of jobs and cards are also played. Take part in the battle against your friends and win by fighting them. Prove to everyone that you are the best player in war robot’s mod apk game.

war robots mod apk

In war robot game introduced gameplay system as an action game. Here you manage different monsters and take part in battles with other players to fight against robots. You will find a variety of weapons and different robots. War robots are the most charming robot theme in Android. The action was first released in 2014. In its six years of development, it has many salient features in grow castle mod apk. Currently, the number of robot players has reached 50 million. PvP features have been further enhanced to give players an experience.

War Robots Mod APK Gameplay

When the robots are on the battlefield, 5 more players are added to fight against the enemy’s robots. You will find in their countless weapons and combat equipment. The game is contained mod version. The goal is for you not to let forces on both sides completely defeat each other. The players that are sent with the robots are for survival in battle.

War Robots Mod APK Features

Different Robots

war robots mod apk features

The main role in the battle is played by robots to defeat the enemies. The way they take part in the battle is a kind of machine that saves you from being defeated in this battle. War Robots Mod APK, is known for its mango and epic abilities and aims to win battles because of its characteristics. Stalker and Loki are two robots that stay hidden in the battle for the time being. Able to kill your enemy before attacking. Similarly, some other robots have the ability to move faster and avoid other types of damage. In the same way, you can change the parts of robots and try to upgrade them further so that their finances look quite good.

Unlock all weapons

The weapons that are already inside the robot are different but we have to use other weapons as well. Players will have to fight the battle through their intelligence as more challenges come up. Demonstrating will use deadly weapons to wreak havoc in war. If you do not want to lose, do not seek the weapons of your lord. Because the weapons that the robot has at the moment include some circles, and heavy types of weapons. This is how different abilities come into play in war. If the weapons were light, we would not be able to do much damage in the war.

War Robots Free Gold

In the War Robots Mod APK game, there are different battles at every level of the game. At every stage, you will get free gold and unlimited money. With this gold, we also unlock everything in the game.

War Robots Mod APK Maps

War Robots Mod APK game helps us to fight more efficiently by setting strategies in the game. We have to create. For this, we are provided with 12 types of maps. When the map is viewed carefully, one of its graphic structures is connected to the bridge and the other side is connected to the riverside. On one side there are fields and desert and on the other side, there are obstacles.

war robots mod apk unlock all weapons

Unlock Everything

Once you have downloaded the game to your device, you will also be able to use a variety of weapons for further development and thus you will be able to unlock different types of robots.


Just as the features and characteristics of each game are different, so are the graphics features. The graphics of this game are in 3D Mod and look very nice.

Personal Review

Game experience occurs when the player personally plays the game. When I download the game, I had no experience of the game at all, but as I entered the game, unlocked the robots, and after that, I got all the weapons of the robots.


How to install the mod version of War Robots Mod APK Game?

A simple version is available on the Google Play Store. We have to use it to download the mod. That is why we have to search from Chrome. There is a link to this game in our website. You can easily find the mod version of War Robot by clicking on it.

How to download War Robot Mod APK In PC?

Blue Stacks is one of the best platform where you can easily play this game in your PC or laptop.

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