World War Heroes Mod APK (Unlimited Money/Ammo)


In World War Heroes Mod APK, game has attracted the multiplayers enter in the battlefields. Game is based on world war and the characters save the people of world.
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App name World War Heroes APK
Current Version 1.30.2
Requires Android 5.1 and up
Updated1 day ago
Size 2GB
Rating Count 269462
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World war heroes: WW2 Mod Apk is a classic multiplayer first-person shooting game and has got many pioneering battles. The game has attracted almost 50 million players from around the world. The theme of this game is basically based on World War II, where you need to oppose multiplayer VS multiplayer players. Experience a standout amongst the most unique android devices. The game has got excellent and best quality graphics.

You have many new battles to discover along with different seasons and new effects of war. In addition to that, the developers have also enhanced the interface of the game with the advanced control menu system. A huge arsenal of weapons, equipment and special items can be equipped for unlimited missions. There are a number of locations on the map for exploring and accomplishing different levels. Lastly, it serves you with six characters that have their own unique skills and elements of development.

World War Heroes Mod APK Gameplay

The game introduces detailed instructions to the new players to get familiarized with the unique gameplay and amazing features as like Clash of clans mod apk game. The game has got an effortless aiming and movement control system. But, in case to know about the gameplay which is very easy to understand. The left side of the screen has a joystick that helps the player to move and a map to identify the distance between you and your opponent. On the right side of the screen, we have rotated the player’s perspective. The button to heal, the aim button, and the button to throw the grenade. These 3 buttons are located at the right top corner of the screen. If you make a good combination of moving, rotating the right angle of view, and aiming exactly, the player will defeat the opponent.

World War Heroes Mod APK Latest Version

The game world war heroes: WW2 is about World War II based where there are many combat missions to fight. And the player must know how to aim and shoot to complete different missions where you step into the world of wars. You will be incredibly involved in seven unbelievable combat phases. The four sorts of fight vehicles that can be used in wars are from different nations USA, Russia, Japan, and Germany. To reach all the levels and enjoy the utmost experience of this you might need access to unlimited ammo. A large range of upgraded weapons, unlimited money, and gold. So hereby, we bring for you this hack version which has got mod features that provides you with all the unlimited and upgraded resources just like Evil Nun Mod APK Game.

World War Heroes Mod APK Features

Choose your battlefield

five unique different maps to try different tactics and target your enemy’s weak spots and also six unique combat modes that give you the opportunity to create your own rules for your brigades in the game.                                                                                                   

World War Heroes Mod APK

Customize exclusive weapons and skins

there are about 20+weapons that you can customize and get a test piece in addition to changing its colors; some of them are guns, pistols, Tommy and sub guns, grenades, rockets, and finally body armors.                                                                                                                         

Login for daily gifts

If you log in to the game on daily basis you can presume daily gifts, quests, different items, and bonus EXP. And credits time and that also everything for free.                                                                        

Upgrade gear system

You can upgrade your gear and become even stronger than before, and claim first place to give a headshot to the one daring to contest the air!                                                                     

Graphics and sounds

World war heroes has the best beautifully designed 3D graphics, weapons, combat space, and characters in-game. Keeping in the context of World War II everything is set accordingly making the players more cohesive in the game.                                                                     

Different game modes

The game has got five modes where one can experience extraordinary missions that include life and death team, capture points, mortal war, hegemony, and life and death team with bombs. 

Mod features

Hereby, in this mod version, we have some mod features for the players that make the game more interesting and easier plus enjoyable!  

World war heroes unlimited money and gold 

You need more money and gold through each level for buying and upgrading your weapons along with increasing damage ability and becoming stronger. For this, you will need unlimited gold and money and it is made available for the players.

World war heroes mod apk unlimited ammo 

for defeating your enemies it requires the players to use Ammo with their weapons. This feature gives full access to using unlimited Ammo to shoot down your opponent sooner.                                                                            

World war heroes mod apk all weapons unlocked

There are unlimited and huge arsenal weapons in the game but either you need to buy them with money and gold or pass on different levels for unlocking. But this mod feature lets you equip any of the weapons on a free hand.

World War Heroes Mod APK download for PC

This alluring and war-themed game can now be enjoyed by PC users. Players can download this game by using an emulator such that is BlueStacks 4, and also the same applies to MAC users too.

World War Heroes Mod APK download for Android

The developers have made this amazing game with many different characters, a huge arsenal of weapons, and much more to explore and defend against your enemy for their Android users. Simply download and enjoy the game with its amazing features.

Personal review

Driving Tanks, Classic Guns, and top-of-the-line gameplay is just the tip of the Ice Burg when it comes to this game. I am really in love with this game. My favorite part of the game is being able to customize your guns by adding scopes or handles. I understand that match-making is based on your skill level, but there is a huge flaw. So if you want an FPS game, try this one out and live the war!


Q1} Is world war heroes an online game? 

Ans: Fight soldiers from all over the world in the best World War II battlefields which is an online shooter game, where you’ll able to use military vehicles to conduct battles.


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