Zombie Catchers Mod APK (Unlimited Money) Everything Unlocked


App name Zombie Catchers
Current Version 1.30.23
Requires Android 4.4 and up
Updated2 day ago
Rating 4.4
Rating Count 193333
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Zombie Catchers Mod apk is an unusual action plus adventurous game in a space-age world perforated by zombie incursion! Planet Earth is infested with zombies, but we are lucky to have two savers on the planet. Actually, they are two interstellar businessmen, A.J. and Bud decided to build a business empire. They come with the idea of hunting all the zombies and saving the Earth- whereas making a business strategy for some handsome profit by selling zombie juice. Nevertheless, you are going to feel engaged in its amazing gameplay. And you will find switching between different roles with zombies as you become the zombie catcher. Moreover, zombies will try enough to stay away, or else they might be caught up and turned into some delicious juices.

It is an excellent game that takes you into another world of the future, where the remnants of people are no more afraid of zombies, and everything goes completely a different way like smash hit mod apk. The business you build-up is what the customers are unaware of. On account of humans, they enjoy having these delicious juices and desserts and like it so much. The main thing is to catch the zombies without any harm. For this, you might require a variety of tranquilizers and traps which can be bought from in-game purchases.

Zombie Catchers Mod APK

Zombie Catchers Mod APK Gameplay

Zombie Catchers is actually a 2D activity visualizing game with a unique and fun methodology. This game lets you interact with coward zombies and play different roles as being a catcher yourself. There are two aliens, A.J. and Bud, who help to save the planet indeed, making some profits by setting up a business to serve people delicious zombie juices and desserts. And of course, the recipe is unknown but still favorable to them. In addition, you can use the weapons and powerful traps to hunt and catch all zombies to win cash.

Here, zombies are allured out of their holes, using their favorite foods such as smelly and fleshy brains. And as they pop up, quickly unleash your trap and capture them immediately. Also, pick up on some excellent upgrades and customizations for improving zombie hunting proficiency. Hunt zombies and take them to your base turning them out for business by experimenting with them into drinks, desserts, and much more.

Zombie Catchers mod apk Features

Produce all kinds of foods

As you begin hunting zombies around the planet, you can run the business of converting the zombies into almost every kind of delicious recipe. Besides drinks and desserts, the captured zombies can also be turned out as tasty candies, and cakes using the zombie elements for the hungry customers.

Cool gadgets and weapons

Developers add on fresh content for managing the attraction towards the game. Here, you will find the best hidden cool gadgets and weapons. Each of them has its own ability and unique way to aim zombies.

Create your business empire

The game allows you to set up your own business and earn a profit on the planet. Hunt for as many zombies of different kinds and turn them into delicious recipes, for hungry customers in exchange for money. Catch, turn, sell zombies and grow your business empire swiftly.

Zombie Catchers Mod APK Play offline

For playing this flowing and adventurous game, you are free to play it without using an internet connection and can enjoy all of its features.

The unique diversity of maps

Discover new territories on the maps that are unique and explore the futuristic world. Collect zombies from different zones and convert them into delicious recipes for handsome profits.

Drone army for your assistance

Zombie Catchers Mod APK

You can get the assistance of your drone armies in the ultimate zombie-grasping quests. Have your drones for capturing zombies instead of heading out in the meadows on your own. Subsequently, focus on expanding your business empire instead of wasting time on minor tasks.

Unlimited everything

In this mod feature, everything is unlimited for you. As we know, money and weapons are required level by level for hunting zombies and for upgrading them. Hereby, all of the money, weapons, and gadgets are unlimited and unlocked for you to play the game easily and slickly.

Zombie Catchers Mod APK All levels unlocked

Zombie catchers bring up for their users 100 different kinds of levels. On reaching level 30 there are many difficulties unfolding ahead. The increase in difficulties of the levels makes the players quit from the game. For this, we have all the levels previously unlocked that easily help you to play any level of your choice.

Unlimited money

Coins are used to buy and upgrade weapons. In order to meet the requirement that keeps on increasing, one has to catch as many as zombies possible. To capture more zombies, you have to develop and unlock the weapons for better experiences. With this mod, you can use unlimited money to raise your weapons freely.

Zombie Catchers mod apk download for PC

Zombie catchers are free to play an Android game. But it is available for PC users, which you can download using any of the android emulators, such as the BlueStacks, which can be used to install this game.

Zombie Catchers Mod APK download

Zombie catchers mod is a hacked version of this action game where you can get every of its mod feature available. Players can feel easy to have pleasure using the mod features such as all levels unlocked, unlimited money, and almost everything. This hack version can be easily downloaded from our page and explore its amazing features with its innovative gameplay.

Personal Review

Such a good game and all, but I really don’t like the shrimp zombies’ ability to use a jetpack, it makes it impossible to catch. The game is awesome and all, though. Keep up the great work!


Q1} Can we play Zombie Catchers mod apk offline? 

Ans: Yes, the game is absolutely available for the users without an internet connection. 

Q2} How many levels are there in Zombie Catchers?  

Ans: There are 68 levels with 5 different maps.

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