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App name Zombie Hunter
Current Version 1.36.0
Requires Android 4.4 and up
Updated 1 day ago
Rating 4.2
Rating Count 36684
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Price Free

Zombie Hunter Mod APK is a war game that takes the players to the world of blood-thirsty zombies. An epidemic of the deadly zombie infection occurred in the year 2080 and the apocalyptic world has begun since then. Humans have become the target of deadly and wild zombies where they spread toxic viruses from any target that completes and zombie epidemic. Survival is the most important factor of the game and the journey begins with defeating the zombies and winning.

To protect yourself from zombies that are heading toward you. Defeat all the enemies and perform on this platform for an open world of unwilling deaths. You can equip as many weapons on reaching new levels and pick the right weapon to defeat all the zombies. Apart from that, you can pick power-ups that will give you combat bonuses. The game has got beautifully designed graphics that attract the players. Last but not the least, Zombie hunter can be enjoyed both on android devices and on PC or Windows.

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Zombie Hunter Mod APK

Zombie Hunter Mod APK Gameplay

In this first-person shooter game, you have to choose the best sniper or rifle, and load bullets to shoot each zombie coming in your way dead. Make sure to save and defend the helpless targets in this zombie catastrophe by shooting the supernatural creatures before they also transform too and the Dino Hunter Mod APK game. Choose the best sniper rifle from upgrading into crossbows, revolvers, machine guns, and bazookas, to become the best zombie hunter in the play. You will face many kinds of zombies in the game of almost every type long, short, weak crawling ones, or strong zombies. Survival is the key to winning, so you need to find hidden spots, target zombies, and shot them dead.

Zombie Hunter Mod APK Features

Amazing shooting graphics

The shooting effect in different places appears to be real and as per action. These stunning and amazing graphics comes with breathtaking display photos designed using the latest Android technology.

Zombie girth for discovery

Unskilled has surrounded the world with their fast spreading wild and dangerous virus, even in the daytime. The unskilled dead zombies are made of deadly skills and as well as in many shapes and different functions. Since they have got the ability to crawl on the roofs or walls for can attack you at any moment as you know Elite Killer Mod APK game. So equip the weapons to kill the deadly zombies and save innocent beings.

The broad variety of weapons to choose from

Zombie Hunter Mod APK features

Zombie hunter brings up a large variety of weapon systems such as cyber guns, snipers, and crossbows. Choose the best weapon, pull the trigger and shoot all the zombies heading forward to save the life in this addictive offline game. Killing becomes easy on such platforms and more enjoyable with such great features and stunning graphics.

Upgrade and build up your shelter

Hunters should build their escaping and hiding shelters in order to survive through the tough time. The shelter can be a place where you are provided with stuff that is essential to join shooting campaigns and fight against zombie attacks!

Story-obsessed shooting games

This amazing game is very easy to learn and anyone can play. You will have the ultimate fun in the endless shooting mode for hours where you built your skills on a variety of crazy zombies.

New challenges and cool outfits

Players will be participating in the Global outbreak event, where they will find a skin or outfit known as Valeria frostbitten which can be upgraded in the second level of the game. One of the advantages of upgrading skins is associated skin effects are wonder-inspiring.

Vaccine Z turns people into zombies

A scientist named Akasha created a vaccine called vaccine Z, to prevent the growth of pathogens. Humanity didn’t last when the side effect of vaccine Z was affecting adversely to humans. In the belief of getting healed many people were vaccinated and unfortunately turned into zombies. Since then, the world got converted into chaos. Players will transform back to persons if under shelter and after a post-predictive event.

Zombie Hunter Mod APK download

Zombie hunter offline game

There are many such fps and zombie apocalyptic games but this is another combination of dead zombie shooting and Cataclysm. Now, players can enjoy the extreme level of this game offline along with its amazing features. Install it for free on any of your devices and explore the world of zombies without an internet connection.

Download Zombie Hunter MOD APK

Long queues of zombie shooting challenges are lined up for you. Here, pick up your armor, point to the target kill zombies, and make your best to survive till the end. Download this amazing free and offline available game and have enjoyment with your friends while playing.

Personal Review

This intense game is pretty much fun playing and easy to learn. Zombies head towards you to inject the virus but before that kill these unskilled zombies’ dead. The graphics are amazing and so realistic. I really liked the sound effects which give you a fear of zombies and attract you to keep on playing.


Q1) Is zombie hunter free to play? 

Ans: It is one of the best free zombie shooting game ever! Pick up your weapon and shot down your targets and explore much more in this free and offline game.

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