Zombie Tsunami Mod APK (Unlimited Money) Unlocked Everything


In Zombie Tsunami mod apk game, you will play the role of green zombie and eating all the peoples of world. The run in this game is endless and you will also discover a new world.
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Zombie Tsunami Mod APK is an adventurous and thrilling game. You will play as a green little man who is a zombie. In this game, you are a tsunami for human life, you are biting humans making them like you to make more zombies with you for earning more coins. The run in this game is endless, you can increase your high score by running more. You can unlock zombie birds for biting more people screaming around, this zombie birds are along with your run. You easily increase your power-ups with the unlimited coins you have in this mod.

The more you run the more you have a bigger force to attack and make people like zombies. You can also get more zombies by eating up other items in the game like dustbins, cars, airplanes, and tanks. By eating up lifeless things, you will not only grow bigger but also you will be increasing in number and have a favorable beginning. Download this Zombie Tsunami Mod Apk which has Unlimited Gold/Diamonds to help you in unlocking eggs and upgrading your zombies for making bigger forces to attack big cities to increase your levels.

Game Play Of Zombies Tsunami Mod APK

In this gameplay, you are a small little ugly creature a zombie. Where you will be eating all humans screaming around and making them like zombies for increasing your force to attack more people Like the other game Anger of stick 5. It is a free and endless running game.  Regardless, eating humans is one situation the other situation is that you can also eat up those things around you like dustbins, airplanes,s and more to increase your score earn more money, and play having more fun.

You also have to control the whole horde of zombies with “One Touch” and also there are lots of missions. You can visit the best 11 locations as each map gives you a different visual from the other one.  The gameplay is a lot of fun where you can enjoy it without any hurdles and upgrade everything as you have all the items unlocked.

Zombie Tsunami Mod APK Features

Unlock different zombies birds 

You can unlock all birds with ease using unlimited coins. You can have it along with you in a run. For enjoying more, you can also unlock cars, locations, and much more. In the game, you are provided a variety of zombie birds. You take them with you during your race and they have different powers and unlimited buffs. The advantage of having zombies’ birds with you is that they provide a lot of help in your race. Also, in daily routines simply upgrade your zombies’ birds to boost their power.

Unlock Everything

When you start playing this game you can unlock whatever you want to unlock. Because this mod gives you the amazing feature of having unlocked everything which lets you play the game without any hurdles.

Multiple Missions

The zombie tsunami has more than 300 missions and your runner collect a lot of coins while crossing them. Runners get all the prizes of the game and win all the missions. There are other missions in the game in which you also unlock the trophies for success and the selected prizes are named after you. Similarly, there is no moment in the zombie tsunami game that bores you. Also, share your experience and talk about all the games with your friends.

Online Game

The game connects your friends online while ranking globally so, you can login to this game through your Facebook and other social accounts. Play zombie tsunami games with your friends all over the world wherever you want. Different maps are given in the game. You have to make the best score in them and you have to complete control over the leader board. The game consists of weekly competitions in which you have participated and get unlimited scores. In the same way, you have to complete control of zombies and you include them in the pedestrians and follow them. The game has the potential to turn simple humans into zombies, as well as to feed their friends.

Zombie Tsunami Latest version

In this HACK mod version of this game, you can unlock everything to make your game easier and smoother. Where you can get all those features for what the fans of this game wish for. Once you know how to play the game, the anxiety of achieving more wakes up in you. So, players go for searching such kinds of versions where they get what they want from the game. There is a list of things that you can have from this hack mod of the Zombie tsunami game. In this mod, you will be provided with: 

  • Unlocking more eggs
  • Upgrading zombies
  • Upgrading your power-ups
  • Unlocking more zombie birds
  • 11 new locations
  • Unlimited diamonds
  • Unlocking 300 missions
  • Many amazing new characters.

Unlock Different Characters  

Developers have added different characters of zombies to make you entertained by playing with those players. You can choose any character of your choice and give your best in the game.


In this game, you can unlock new locations with new different power-ups. You can travel to 11 different locations in the game and experience each place.


You will be glad to know unlike other games, this game doesn’t require its players to root their phones. Enjoy playing by simply downloading the game.

Free to play

The game has no free purchases, yes but despite its features, the game is kept completely free on various websites and platforms like Google Play Store and our website too.

Download Zombie Tsunami Mod APK For Android

This game is a very entertaining game that makes you experience different graphics and sounds. It has much more adventures, features, and locations to explore around the world. It has much more features in this mod than in the real game. You can download this game simply by clicking on the link or the download button given below.


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